Building a House from the Ground Up!

The home buying process has been a painstaking process where we have learned so much about credit reports, taxes, and just the whole adjustment to having joint incomes, joint funds and what it takes to have our two joint lives come together on paper in order to buy a piece of the American dream.

We have looked at 101 10 homes or so and after looking at so many single family homes, going for a drive one day we stumbled upon a community that we fell in love with. Not once looking at a single family home, we looked at the townhouses and fell in love. Perhaps thats why things didnt work out with other homes? who knows… but what we did know is that this townhouse was for us.. we loved it and it loved us back.

The best part?! Its not built yet. Everything we had always wanted in our first home could be placed into this home… from fireplaces, to custom media rooms, 3rd floor laundry rooms, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops… what more could this girl ask for ?! oh.. a DECK! Stay tuned, because the house has been put up and they are at the drywall stage.. I will keep you posted on the progress. I am finally excited!!!!
Until then, Let the Sunshine In!



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