…Hello, Good Morning Sunshine

I am so excited to begin this blog, as I have been trying to do so for such a while now. But the end of the year is the best time to launch some new ideas! Well for one, 2011 brought to me so much Sunshine that I am now ready to just share it with the world!

In 2011,

I celebrated my One Year Wedding Anniversary
I became a God-Mother to a beautiful girl named Kobie
I started a New Job
I purchased put a contract on a new home with my husband…

which brings me to this…
The stressful exciting journey of purchasing a home is one that I have looked forward too for a while!
and its all the more exciting for someone who loves to decorate and create like myself.
This time… why not share the journey with you.

Welcome to my new home owner, newlywed adventures with me, hubby and my part-time pet! (she is my sister’s dog who stays between three different homes, including mines throughout the year).

Why this blog title??… well when I was a little girl, my mom was not around to wake me up for school because she used to be a morning radio announcer… and each morning we would listen to her program on the way to school. Her way of waking us up in the morning would be to say on the air, “Hello, Good Morning Sunshine”…and so… with each morning that you log in… I may not see you out there reading, but I pray that you are enjoying it and leave a comment… and so since I can’t see you, just like my mom I say to you… “Hello, Good Morning Sunshine!”



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