My Part-Time Pet!..time to pack her bags

This is our “part-time pet” and her name is Arista. She is a dapple colored dacshund and is the cutest thing ever and boy is she spoiled! It’s time to pack her bags because she is leaving my house and going back to NYC with my sister for a while… she kind of rotates between everyone’s home although she is my sister’s dog because she is loved by the whole family and she actually is a very good dog when she travels.  However, as you can see she loves to get in the bed with you; this dog knows not a thing about personal space.

She has been hanging out with us for the Christmas season… this year instead of dressing her up like santa and hanging Christmas shopping bows and laugh as she struggles to get all of that stuff off of her. This year, we just kept it simple. We changed her collar and gave her a nice festive flowered collar to wear for Christmas…

and yes, Arista has her own stocking hung by the chimney with care and sadly, she knows its hers. She sat there waiting for her toys because she knew it was exactly what she asked Santa for… afterall she got to go to the store to pick out her treats just like everyone else in the family did.. she is so spoiled cute…move out of her way because she is driving miss daisy!

 Well off to NYC goes my Part-time pet… she will be back around this way soon enough… until then, I am on break from the early morning walking, feeding frenzy that comes with this one…

Do you have a pet that you love and adore?! Tell me all about them…

Because I miss her so much! I Linked up to:



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