Stick a Bookmark in it:

I have fallen into this habit of seeing really good movies and then wanting to read the book because I know there must be more goodies written within the pages… What I have found in some cases is that what happens in the book is totally different in timeline then how the movies present it, yet they are still great stories.

I thought I would share with you some of the books that I downloaded on my iPad in 2011 and some that I plan to read in 2012.  I am also linking this post up to The Nester.

A series that I got into during the “Snowmageddon of the East Coast” last year- The Twilight turned out to be a great series. Once I saw the third installment of movies, I HAD to know what was going to happen next and so I went out and purchased a hard back cover of this 400+ page book and read it in 5 days. It was such a page turner! … and since Breaking Dawn the movie just came out in the movie theaters, let me just say… it did this book justice!

I read these Emily Giffin books out of order. It wasn’t intentional, I just grabbed the book, read the plot and purchased. Something Borrowed hit movie theaters and I wanted to play catch up– this book made it into my library this year as well. 

I read The Help in a book club and the same book club was just as excited to see it hit the big screen. Although this movie does not follow the same timeline as the book both were really great! I hate to admit though… I am still in the middle of reading this one.. I have yet to make it to the back cover, but I am determined to finish this book. 
In 2012, 
These books are on my list.. 
 And since, this movie is coming out.. I am adding this one to my list.. 
And because everything digital in my home is Apple…. 
Tell me what YOU are reading.. ??



2 thoughts on “Stick a Bookmark in it:

  1. Donna says:

    What I loved most about the book, The Help was how each of the characters had their own distinctive voice. I could picture each lady in my head. I also enjoyed the movie very much. Thanks for sharing!


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