New Years Resolutions!

2012 is coming in a few hours…

Boy did this year just fly by!

Am I the only one that think that this year has gone by fast! I feel like just yesterday we were in 2010 thinking about 2011… I don’t even know how many times I have actually had the opportunity to write 2011 on something and now I have to get used to 2012.

It is New Years Eve of 2011 and I can’t help but think back over what it was that I did in 2011. As husband and wife we have truly accomplished a lot of our goals… which brings me to what are our goals for 2012:

1. We want to be healthy… I have put on a few “love” pounds… am I the only one that has been told that you gain weight when you are in love?? well if thats the case, I am IN LOVE!!!!! because this post-wedding weight has crept up on me. In general, I want to lose weight so that’s on the top of my list. I think its so cliché to put weight lost on a New Years Resolution but I really mean it.

2. Close on our new home and move in Early Spring! I need not say more about that since that was the inspiration of this blog.

3. Get Organized. I need to reorganize my home when we move in– I need to create a healthy space of balance. An organized house leads to an organized way of thinking.

4. Excel at my career. This month I just started my career, which thankfully I can check off of my 2011 list. I LOVE my job. It truly gives me flexibility to excel and I have such a support system that allows me to do all kinds of things with my life. This was always a passion for me and I am glad that I can set my schedule to create some balance at home as well.

5. Support my husband further in his music endeavors. This year, he has sacrificed his recording studio so that we could have a really nice home to live in. I want to see him grow and flourish and be a better wife to assist in that.

6. Which leads to last but not least… we made it through the hardest part of marriage.. we made it through year number one and we are coming up on celebrating 7 years of wonderful friendship next week, which is the very thing that led to our marriage. We will consider having children in 2012. We will see what God has to say about all these things.

Have a blessed and wonderful New Year.



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