Our Home: Construction Update!

It was an exciting day today at the house aka construction site! We are now post-drywall and it is so exciting! We have made it past the electrical phase– where we have planned out where every electrical socket is going, where all the security cameras, planned where the fax and data lines are going… We have made it past the drywall stage– the trim is going up. The kitchen cabinets are in and the trim for the custom cabinets have yet to be put in… its all exciting seeing the plans come together… here take a look. What you will notice is that although its a townhouse, our home has LOTS of windows for natural light..

This is the basement, which will be my Music Producer Husband’s Music Studio/Suite- what we have done custom here is that we enclosed the basement space so you can’t just look into our basement from the front door. We added a 16 light door to the entry way that looks into this space. This angle is as if you are standing in the hall from the front door. The door you see in the distance leads to what will be pavers below a deck. 

As you come up the stairs from the basement you will see this door which leads to our Media Room. We converted our formal living and dining room into a Media Room. We closed off an entry way, which would’ve been on the right side where the darkness is.

This is what the Media Room looks like as you step through the door. You see that we have already designated where the projector will go in the ceiling. We did keep the molding but we eliminated the half room  chair rail and shadow boxes. This view is if you are standing near the double french doors, which we also added. It was just an opening to the hallway before for the dining room. 
Here is the view standing in the room looking towards the door leading out. 
The holes that you see throughout the walls are the pre-wiring for the surround sound. 
Heading back out through this hallway.. you are now standing in the Eat-in Kitchen/Family Room from this view below. 

This is what you see when you walk in the room… the Family Room where we added a Fireplace. The surround for the fireplace is made from the same granite that will be placed on the kitchen counter. Its called Ubatuba. And more pre-wiring for the Television to go above the fireplace and the doors leading to the deck. That blue taped up stuff on the windows is the order for the home in case they need to know what we are supposed to have installed… they have only gotten a few things wrong along the way, but it was fixed rather quickly.

Over by the doors is the eat in portion of the kitchen where the chandelier where we moved our formal dining room chandelier to. This is the Kitchen, however our cabinets look much darker in this picture. 

Here is a view standing in front of the fireplace.. 
Leave the kitchen and these are the beautiful stairs leading up to the third level… I love these stairs!!!

This is the bedroom that we have designated the Guest Room since we do not have any children, we have plenty of space for now for our crafts and what not. 

This is what we have designated to be my office and boy do I have so many ideas floating around in my head.. Plenty of windows.. the view is of my neighbors in the front, but on the side, the view is of the 6th hole on the golf course where our home sits.

There is SO MUCH more home to show you.. the bathrooms… the laundry and so many other spaces in the home that … but here is just a teaser of our Master Bedroom, the Tray Ceiling!…

Well… now you can imagine.. how many projects are going to come from this wonderful blank slate!
If you have any ideas for anything you may see.. send me some Sunshine!!! email me or comment me below.



2 thoughts on “Our Home: Construction Update!

  1. Lashawn Gore says:

    I’ve always believed that once you get past building the exteriors and getting the electricity laid in, you’re over the first hump of construction. It’s funny though – construction workers seem to be working faster on exterior builds these days! That’s a mark of construction progress, I say. I’d love to see pictures of the finished product, in and out!

    Lashawn Gore


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