Decisions, Decisions

New home… now what are we going to fill it with. I have spent so many days and hours looking for the perfect pieces of furniture to fill our new home with… 
Its so difficult sometimes because I have an art background, which means I really feel like I have visual A.D.D. I want to change something almost instantaneously. But I do have a vision for my new home… the issue is so does hubby. The challenge will be 1. how to create my vision and 2. how to maintain that vision with his taste in mind?
Until then.. we are flipping pages, scouring every home store from coast to coast. 
Hubby and I were recently in Florida and sure enough, we found ourselves going to some boutique furniture stores looking for things that we would want to use in our home. We can not wait until we can actually start making some purchases and putting some things in that will make it a wonderful home.
We are almost to the finish line. 
Closing in a few weeks… 
Check out the House Tour Section to see more updated photos of our construction progress.



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