The Cure for a "Chili" Day

Never would I have thought that I would have a recipe to share with you guys, but I have been told that I make a great semi-homemade poor man’s Chili. Since it is getting cold outside, I figured why not? I would love for you to try it and tell me how it turned out..

You will need: Fresh Onions, Red Peppers, Pinto Beans (I use Goya Brand), a Salsa (I use Chi-Chi’s), and Ground Meat (I use Ground Turkey)… Combine all these ingredients into a large skillet OR this can be done in a Crockpot! — the best invention to me since sliced bread because I can just toss it in and forget about it.

Note: my hubby and I like our Chili Spicy so if you don’t want it spicy just don’t include those ingredients that will make your throat burn. For an extra kick of flavor, I use a fresh ingredient marinade that my in-laws have developed (and will hopefully be in stores near you soon)…

Seriously this is the best all natural marinade you can find… and my opinion is not sponsored in regards to this sauce… it really just is that good! It added so much kick and flavor to the chili without adding any salt. If you are interested in trying any just send me an email at
So if you try to make my poor man’s chili, drop me a comment and let me know how it came out… it was definitely a winner in my house.

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