Don’t You love a Good Maxi Dress?

Anyone who knows me, knows that ironically my favorite color is Grey! and that I am a sucker for anything MAXI! I love a great Maxi dress! Anything that fits really comfy yet dressy enough for me to get away with as business casual with the right accessories is a winner in my book. Not to mention anything hugs in the right place and hides the other not so right places will always get my vote.

Check out this Maxi Dress, the Piazza Novana from my partners at Shabby Apple..

Paired with those red sandals is a win win in my book! The Piazza Novana is a floor length Maxi dress, which makes it so versatile. AND did somebody say SALE?! Use PROMO code NEWYEAR to get 20% off.
Check out other dresses and accessories for Women and Kids as well as some Crafts and Home Decor. If you ever want to check them out again in the future, there is always a link on my sidebar.. Happy Shopping!


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