My Fitness Pal: Tackling a Resolution

Well, I know that I had posted some New Year’s Resolutions and have not spoken much of them lately. That is probably because I have not done much in achieving them. Isn’t that typically how New Year’s Resolutions work? Ok. Fine. It’s just me then…
However, I did say that I was ready to lose weight. And with looking at every photo and cringing at how I look and remembering what size I was wearing when I met hubby to what size I wear now and try to laugh it off like its ok that there are so many sizes in between… I had made up my mind that even if I start slowly, its definitely time for me to start.
So, since everyone at work is also dieting … mind you it is still January and everyone is still checking off losing weight off their New Years Resolutions, I finally decided to just ask around to see what tools others were using.
A co-worker shared with me this FREE (cause you know if I have to pay for it, its never going to get accomplished) weight-loss tool that reminds me of Weight Watchers online. The only difference is that instead of counting points, it takes your weight, you set the goal and then it gives you the alloted calories that you will be able to consume per day to reach your goal.
Its also an online community, so you can chat and update your status with friends and blog and join groups, etc. Its actually quite a great idea… but their best yet, is the fact that you can scan the barcode on a package to enter in your food content. How easy is that?!
So I was sold! Went to the homepage…
Entered in what I had consumed today, even down to my fattening snack (two butter crunch cookies from the Great Cookie… hey, I said I was starting SLOW) that I was eating while scolling through the site. Then, Reality set in… I was already over in my calories resulting in -257 for the day and its CLEAR that I don’t consume enough protein as my protein content was very low… hence testing for borderline anemia recently… definitely lowered my caffeine intake to combat that… My goal is to lose a significant amount of weight by the Summer.
SO…. what now?
…make small attempts at getting my 3 workouts per week for 30 mins and hope that then I will at least begin to see results. I just need to shift some calories for certain meals around and I will be at a slow pace towards my goal.
The goal so far is to lose two pounds a week. Wish me luck..
What are you doing for your weight loss??
BTW. THIS POST IS STRICTLY MY OPINION AND MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION AND IN NO WAY WAS I COMPENSATED! Although I wish I was… so My Fitness Pal if you are out there and want to sponsor me let me know..

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