The "Venus and Serena Williams" of it all…

My little sister and I are three years apart.
Clearly it was easy for my mom to have two girls back to back… we stayed in outfits that were similar if not the same… it was great because we did most things together- dance, sing, and definitely entertain each other when either one of us got bored. I used to be taller then she was and those days of being the taller, older sister ended right around me going to the 9th grade… I quickly had to get over that.
But perhaps its a sister thing… Venus and Serena may never get called Jasmine and Joi but we have heard it all as far as comparisons with them over the years. Especially when they first hit the scene as great tennis players and when they grew up, we grew up… and when their hair would change color or lengths so did ours… and the comparisons kept coming… trust, in no way however, are we tennis stars not even novices in the least.
via Google Images
But, Sisters we are… There used to be a time, that despite my sister shooting up to be 5’11 and my remaining at 5’8 since I was in college… we used to be able to shop in the same stores, exchange shirts and what not… borrow dresses.. not so much pants because I was the curvier sister- always have been since I can remember.
But nonetheless, reality is… I have gained more weight then I had ever desired or thought I was capable. Afterall, it took me until my second year in college to reach a good 100 lbs. and that was a proud accomplishment.
So here we are today… and yes, compare away..
                                                                                      via Google Images
 But when I thought about what my weight loss goal would be for 2012. I had to really look back and see where I took pictures and was happy with what I saw.. this picture below was about 4 years ago. I was in BEBE clothing and loved that I could fit everything and still keep my curves. That is important to me. Just like Serena, I am quite proud to be curvy… and at one point, FIT!

So what’s the whole Venus and Serena of it all??… well, I recently saw this picture of Serena and added it to my vision board. She looks great here and hasn’t lost any of her curves. If I had a weight loss goal. It would be to be able to get down to this size and as motivation and reward – do a photo shoot like this one. Sometimes, I would talk myself out of the desire to lose weight by believing that I was happy with the way that I look, but the way that I see myself in the mirror is the me that I used to be.. afterall, I was always on the slim/curvy side of life. However, mirrors lie and pictures really tell the truth. I want to be able to look at my pictures these days and say, WOW I am too FLY for my own good… like I used to. I am ready to take on the challenge..

via Serena Williams Twitter Profile
At the end of it all.. this is what I want to see myself looking like. It may take some time. Life may get in the way, but the goal remains the same. “Become Serena’s body double.” Just Kidding..
Become the best me I know I can be!


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