The Love Series: Marriage, It’s Nothing to Play with

This post is brought to by my wonderful hubby! You can read more of his thoughts here.

So, ok… if you pay any attention to the media in the past 6-8months, you have probably seen or heard about several celebrity couples filing for divorce, smh…

C’mon!!! Is this a joke??? I mean, does anyone understand the true meaning of Marriage anymore??? Is Marriage the new “going steady???” LOL, smh…. It’s not funny, but it’s funny cause it’s becoming so “blahhhh” nowadays… Some of these people who are influenced by these celebrities are now probably thinking that Marriage is like a “boyfriend/girlfriend” relationship and when it doesn’t work, just file for Divorce….HUH?? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO??? I could talk about this for days, but I’m not, LOL.

I got married a little less than 1 year and 1/2 ago…  It was one of the best decisions I could’ve made as an Adult Male. The reason is that, when you are a driven, goal-oriented, successful, well-groomed Man, it gets difficult to move forward in life alone… it’s awesome to have someone to share it with.  You see, I have the ULTIMATE WIFE, she’s my best friend, my confidant, my lover, my fighter (LOL), my beauty, my “rib”, my focus… Without her, I’d probably be a quiet, cool, mean, shy, hermit, unapproachable big talented teddy-bear (don’t ask me how all that works, LOL)…  We have our share of challenges, but we both didn’t enter into this with the mindset that it was going to be easy… the more we communicate, fight, laugh, make love (hehehehehe we “grown-folk” LOL), PRAY, sleep and eat together, the more our Marriage develops and strengthens.

You know what I think?  Many people out here are driven by their emotions and hormones, LOL… When two people are attracted to each other, one of the main things that draws them to each other is “physical” attraction… Most men I know are “visual” so once we lock-in to a female and her “features” we become driven to connect and conquer… Once the connection is made and survives “first-base” (movie date, dinner, starbucks LOL) or sometimes “first-base” is bypassed and goes for a “grand-slam” (no pun intended, LOL)… Well, if the two don’t just become FWBs or FBs (not talking about Facebook, LOL) they may fall into the “relationship” zone.

This zone (just like everything else in life) has a “honeymoon” season and if both parties are both thinking long-term then there’s a strong chance that they’ll make it “over the broom” (marriage)… But nowadays many couples are “comfortable” with being “life-partners” instead of being “married”… WHERE DID THAT COME FROM????

To me, that’s crazy… what happened to wanted to spend the rest of your life with someone??? What happened to a women wanting to give up her “last-name”????  What happened to a man who wanted to be considered a “provider” and not just a “partner”… Now, don’t jump on me, I am a believer in a woman also being a provider, but there are certain things I still hold on to that a women can do that a man can’t do… the same vice-versa.  Maybe I’m too old-fashioned, smh

I want to go back to the days of my Parents, before my mom passed in 1999, my parents were married for 32yrs. THAT’S AWESOME!!!  I loved seeing my parents interact with each other… it was magical.  Nowadayz, it’s rare to see Married Couples stay passed 10yrs… the other day I saw an article about a 99year old Italian Man divorcing his wife of 77years over 70 year-old affair… THAT LITERALLY BLEW MY MIND!!!

Well, although we see a lot of negative news on Marriage, I still believe that there are still great examples of beautiful marriage, like our President and First Lady 🙂

I love what they represent, brings joy to my soul (sigh)
So, let’s hope that the media will shift their focus off of the negative aspect of marriage and switch to the more positive (I strongly doubt they will, smh).  Until then, I’m going to hold on the examples I got from watching my parents when I was younger… If they made it, I know my wife and I will make it. 
Later 🙂

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