The Love Series: Love is Eternal, so make a bracelet!

I came across one of my favorites in the blog world and saw this really nice tutorial of how to make a rope bracelet that reminded me of the eternity band that I am wearing on my ring finger/left hand.

And so I thought… hmm… why not share this with you as part of The Love Series.. afterall, I am a lover of all things crafty..

Due to packing of course, I can’t bring you my own crafty ideas, however, in the spirit of spreading the sunshine, I am going to show you this tutorial on how you can make your own bracelet… and wear it by Valentine’s Day.

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DIY: Rope Bracelet

Hi everyone! It’s Jenny Bevlin bringing you another DIY post. I love accessories, but I especially love jewelry! I’ve noticed lately that I have been buying a lot of bracelets and even making some myself. I find that making my own accessories is very rewarding. It’s fun and you will love all the compliments you receive when you say you made it yourself! What you need to make this bracelet:
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Rope trim
  • Jewelry Jump Rings
  • Jewelry Lobster Clasp
  • Jewelry Ribbon Endings


Measure the rope around your wrist leaving about an extra inch longer than your wrist. Cut the rope. Make sure you add a dot of hot glue to the end of the rope you just cut to keep it from unraveling.
Cut 3 more strands the same length as the first strand. Make sure to add a dot of hot glue to ends of the rope each time you cut it.

Lay out the rope as shown in the photo above.

Overlap the rope as shown in the photo above.

Pull the end of the top rope under and up through the bottom rope.

Pull the ends of the rope tight.

Trim the ends so that they are all the same length. Make sure to add hot glue to the ends to keep them from unraveling.

Put the rope ends into the ribbon ending and close with the pliers.

Use the pliers to add the jump rings and lobster clasp.

– post and images by Jenny Bevlin


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