The Love Series: Your Time Is Precious

Sometimes it takes losing something or someone to put things into perspective. There is a shift that happens that brings everything that we were so careless about and so wishy washy and those things that we literally took for granted- back to being the main focus.
For me, this year, each month thus far there has been death too close to home. First, my Father-in-law passes away and then yesterday on her way to work, my coworker Torrean Rich (1983-2012) was killed in a fatal car accident when a Tractor Trailer ran into her driver’s side door.
Many times over the weekend we dread coming in to work. We spend some Sunday mornings praying for the crazy co-workers that get on our nerves to take a chill pill… well, Torrean was never on anyone’s “chill out” list. She was always seen walking back and forth, doing her job with a smile. Organizing the wonderful potluck celebrations so that we can have a fun time away from work things and literally enjoy each others company. Her car accident has literally shifted the foundation of everyone who knew her. Some of us had anxiety about driving to and from work. In the end, despite being emotional everyone is handling as best as expected. 
Staircase to Heaven (5x7 Unframed Original Fine Art Photograph)
If people realize that without a doubt, we have no idea when our last day on this earth is, then perhaps we would make some decisions in our relationships with purpose rather then random selecting of persons to just pass the time. Our time is valuable.
The persons whom we choose to connect our lives with together are there for reasons and seasons. The worst is to have someone around who is past their expiration date just because you do not want to be lonely. Or you want to force a man to be ready to marry you just because you have dated for what you think is long enough. If you connect with people, whether they be love interests, friendships, whomever, and you identified their purpose in your life then that alone will be more fulfilling. Because the only thing that sustains in this life here on Earth is LOVE.
Nobody ever said the road would be easy, but its Love that helps us get over these emotional times. Its Love that allows us to always see good in people no matter what they do…
In a private moment, days before she passed, Torrean spoke about how she wanted to settle down and get married and have children. Now, for Torrean, for no fault of her own except that it was God’s timing,  its too late to see marital bliss.. however, don’t waste YOUR precious days on persons not worthy of your precious time… you never know when your time will be up. So make it count.

Updated to say: just a few moments from writing this piece, Singer, Legend Whitney Houston passed away. Needless to say I was shocked to hear the news. It truly goes to show what I have said.. who you are connected to, affects you. Whitney Houston has a legacy in pop music that is unparalleled and yet in recent years we watched her relationship with her former Husband unravel on her reality T.V. series and throughout the news media. Praying for her daughter and her family and close friends… Rest in Peace Whitney Houston.

“Everyone falls in love sometimes. Sometimes it’s wrong, and sometimes its right. For every win, someone must fail.. there comes a point when, when we exhale... “
–Whitney Houston (lyrics to Shoop)

A Deep Breath (8x8 Unframed Original Fine Art Photograph)
Photos taken by Yvette Inufio Photography



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