Easter Wreaths and a Little Motivation!

Since the move (well not officially since we only move one room over at a time as to not get overwhelmed) my Craft Room items have not made it over yet. But, I want a wreath on my door for Spring. I will have to skim read our HOA to even make sure that wreaths on the door are allowed, but I sure do hope that they are. It’s spring! and every holiday or quarter I should say.. my mom places a wreath on her door. Now that I have a door of my own I would love to do the same!
Now, mind you, if in fact we can’t place a wreath on the outside of the door, I WILL find a door or banister to place seasonal decor on it since our one and only mantle has been dedicated to home entertainment such as wall mounted flat screen tv’s and surround sound bars that lay on the mantle.
So, knowing that I want to create my own, I took to Etsy to find some inspiration..
Here were some that appealed to me:
Not sure if I want to Easter Eggs?
Easter Wreath with blue robbin eggs
Or something a little more simplistic with grass and carrots..
Easter Wreath - Spring Wreath - Moss Wreath -burlap bow, and carrots (LIMITED LEFT)
Or even more minimal with grapevine and furry animals and carrots.
Or something less Easter, and a little more Spring! This would look great on my Colonial Red Front Door..
Easter Wreath
What do you think?! What do you have on your door, if anything?
Hopefully these pictures will motivate me to get that completed before Easter/Spring comes and goes!


Painting and Police Car Chases…

So … I know you have been waiting on that picture of our Master Bathroom… however, you are going to have to wait a little while because it is over-run by painting supplies. Now in the spirit of keeping it real, I could show you that, but honestly, there really isn’t much to see there just yet–

But here is a sneak peek at the bedroom: Final picture pending..

Anybody else be all gung-ho about painting and then when it comes to the details start to fizzle out?? good, its not just us. SO we finished the wall that our bed is on, so that we would never have to ever move that California King monstrosity. However, the rest of the room looks like this…

And like this… No the rest of the tray ceiling border is not finished either. This is just its good side.

But we definitely wanted to have a resort feel in our Master Bedroom. We love color but did not necessarily want to be overwhelmed with it. We wanted rather to kind of feel like we are waking up at a beach front hotel every morning.
It took some getting used to the color and praying that we didn’t make a mistake in color choice, but after letting it cure, we totally love the relaxing vibe it gives to us on the walls.
We used Valspar, Sweet Serenity seen here:
Creative Ideas for Color by Valspar Gallon Interior Eggshell Paint in Sweet Serenity
Not sure when we are going to finish but there is a major paint party coming soon! I promise you that. We are going to be getting some help painting the rest of the house (like the really high places of the foyer) and then tackle some spaces on our own.
But honestly, when you gotta deal with this: Police car chases and what not ending in head on collisions right in front of your job praying that its not one of your offenders outside clowning… you rarely have motivation to paint every night- I’m just saying.  
Let’s see what the weekend holds! I may just be finished.. who knows.


The Game & Braxton Family Values: Trying to Conceive goes to Television Storylines

It is really interesting to me to see how many shows these days how many shows are discussing Trying to Conceive… I don’t really remember it being discussed THIS much on television before… or is it that its just sticking out to me more because that’s kind of where we are in this phase of life.

I mean, we are in our early 30’s… well at least I am 6 months away from 30.. but still, close enough where if we want children (yes, more then one) then I guess we should start now so that we can get settled and then be ready to push out #2 or #3.
On The Game, Melanie and Derwin Davis have been trying to get pregnant since they have been married. We have seen episodes where Melanie is seen taking her temperature with a basal body thermometer and crazily running to hoist her feet in the air to encourage conception.. to the latest episode where this happens..

It was devasting to the couple, who is now looking into adoption. It is also ironic because the character that plays Melanie is Tia Mowry-Hardrict who just chronicled her pregnancy woes in her reality show with her twin sister, Tamera Mowry-Housley …

Last night, watching the Finale of Braxton Family Values, we saw Tamar and Vince go to a consultation at their OB/GYN or Reproductive Endocronologist (just not sure which she was) however, it was explained that Vince would have to do a Semen Analysis and Tamar would have to do bloodwork. Vince and Tamar have been married three years and it wasn’t until Vince had a REAL scare with blood clots that Tamar changed her position on her wanting to have children.

Unfortunately for Tamar, she waited just a little too late to be aware of her body and it looks like she may be experiencing early menopause and may not be able to carry her own child.. There is nothing worse then trying to follow the rules, get married, wait for the right time and then be told… it’s too late for you even in your 30’s.

Who could forget the couple that did it first, they put Trying to Conceive on the map of Reality Television. Guiliana and Bill Ransic: Guiliana an E! Television Personality and Bill Ransic of Apprentice with Donald Trump, got married and decided to have a baby and air it on television through their reality tv show. Unfortunately after a failed IVF and a miscarriage, Guiliana’s doctor asked her to get a mamogram where she found out that she had breast cancer. Guiliana recently had a double mastectomy in order to not go the radiation route to hurt her chances of being able to conceive.
Well, does Television help those that are going through the same thing? absolutely! but does it hurt also.. absolutely. For those who never had a worry in the world that they may get pregnant, now has every fear in the world that it is all too common to not get pregnant the first time that you try.
It’s that moment that you wake up from the fairytale that it hits you… that childhood song that you used to sing:
Johnny and Sara
Sitting in a Tree
First comes Love,
Then comes Marriage,
Then comes Sara with the baby carriage
Well, not so much..
…First comes love,
Sometimes comes marriage
then comes the reality star, teen mom with a baby carriage
while you wait for your own consult with the RE
to be told that you need supplements and vitamins
that are going to make you gain even more weight
just to get pregnant with medical assistance 
and have to go into early labor
for fear of preclampsia…
yeah yeah I know…. maybe all this baby talk makes me a little hyperchondriac-ish (i know its not a word) LOL.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage… Then Comes

So clearly this blog has evolved into being about the newlywed life… so why not just discuss and vent about all things that come up on a day to day basis…
It’s just so that I can focus on decorating our home on this end, but answer all the questions I get… or vent about the entire thing… I guess it really is
First comes Love,
Then Comes Marriage..

Then the entire world expects Jasmine and Amos to come with the baby carriage?

although its a New Year’s Resolution for us.. when will it actually happen and what do we think about the whole thing?
In case you get curious, click the tab…
cause that’s where I will be writing all about it.
…a baby?
That’s what some people think.. for us it goes like this…
We have loved each other for almost 7 years. 3 years as friends who truly cared about the well-being of each other and spent 2 years courting… we have been married now 18 months..
It was 18 months ago that dialogue changed from people just asking “How’s your hubby?” to “When are y’all going to have babies?”
What people fail to realize is that we are a couple who went to 13 weeks of premarital counseling BEFORE we even were engaged just to make sure that we knew what we were getting into and had a 6 month follow up right before we walked down the aisle. We put as much planning into our marriage just as we did our elaborate wedding.
So when it comes to wanting to bring children in the world, you best believe that we are planners. We can never force things to happen before its time. So, we had a plan… 18 months after we get married we will be financially stable enough to purchase a house. And 18 months exactly we did just that – we got our first home.
When 2012 hit, one of our goals that we did discuss was having children– not late 2010, nor 2011, but 2012 we actually discussed it. Any time before then would’ve been okay with us. Afterall, we were married. We were adults and we could handle whatever life would throw at us in that regard. But it did not happen before today.
It’s 2012.
and I guess…
I am ready to be pregnant and have a baby.
Before now, we were winging it…
I go through the ups and downs of disappointment every cycle that passes and a happy accident didn’t happen..
but instead of bottling that up, I knew that would have to be at least one other person out there who feels the same way that I do..
So here it is.. my journey to becoming a mother.
I will share my hopes, dreams and wishes on becoming a mother.
My fears and hesitations on becoming a mother.
What does hubby think about all this?
And the real story about how every Trying to Conceive journey isn’t the same-
its not always a “we got pregnant on our honeymoon” for every newlywed.
So here goes nothing..
When are we going to get pregnant?
Only God knows at this point.


What is the right age to have a baby?

So when is the right time to have a baby? 
As a young woman, it is natural that not only are we trying to find the right mate, but we are trying to do so within a time frame because we hear the biological clock getting louder and louder as the years go by. 
So, Parents Magazine wrote this article that highlights the benefits of having a child in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s..

  • “Physically, the 20s are the ideal time for pregnancy,” doctors say. Because your body is primed to handle the demands of carrying a baby.
  • You’re less likely to have pregnancy complications or babies with Down Syndrome.
  • You can also grow up with your child ..honestly who really wants to do that.
  • Mentally: not too many of my close friends have children. My parents don’t live in the same state as we do, so who can I honestly run to in case I just need some help before I lose my mind.
  • Also, we love to go to the movies. Am I ready to give up going on opening weekends because my attention will be on the child/children. We’d have to make sure we plan more time for each other.

Carla (was 21)-The down side: Being a young mom means that it’s hard not to be selfish about my time. I used to sleep in, read, or watch TV whenever I wanted and go out with friends any night I pleased. All these freedoms go away when you’re a parent.
The good side: Bouncing back after pregnancies is easier when you’re younger. I’ve gotten down to my starting weight after each one. Two weeks after I had Aliza I was in a bridesmaid dress.
I’m happy that my kids have young grandparents — they’re all in their 50s — and seven great-grandparents. I’m always calling my mom and mother-in-law for advice

Samantha (was 25)– My career had been important to me — I was just starting out and was very ambitious. But during my maternity leave, I realized that motherhood was what life was about for me right now.

My friends hadn’t had kids yet. Some of my closest mom friends are women in their 30s and 40s whom I met in the neighborhood or at playgroups. They were eager to take me under their wing and share their wisdom.
There are times when Chris and I hear about all the wild things our single friends are doing and we’re envious. But then something magical happens at home with our boys and we’re reminded that we have such a full life to be thankful for.


  • At higher risk of developing certain complications. But the majority of healthy women still have uneventful pregnancies at this age. At age 35 there’s 1/200 chance of having a child with Down Syndrome.
  • More likely to have a C-section
  • Mentally: I’ve had time for myself and my marriage, and I’ve accomplished some professional goals. This could give peace of mind if wanting to take a break to spend time with our children in sending them off to stay with family.
  • It’ll be easier to find a support group of pregnant friends and get advice since a lot of people I do know are either pregnant or recently gave birth within the last year or so.


Carol (was 30)– Good side: Financial stability — we own our own apartment now, and we’ve got some money saved for Emily’s education. It also meant that Emily doesn’t have to compete with my career. I put so much time and energy into my job in my 20s that I felt like I was able to step back a little once I had her. I found a new position within the company that allows me to work at home sometimes, so I can spend more time with her.
Because we waited to have kids, our parents are all retired or about to retire, which means I get a lot of help! My parents-in-law watch Emily every day while I’m at work.
(apparently she had no down sides)

Erica (was 36)– I’m glad that I had time to be spontaneous, go out with friends, and travel before having kids — it’s a lot harder to get out of the house and do things when you have a baby. And I feel like I’m a better person for having had the experiences I did before having Lena. I just hope that she’ll feel the same way and that she’ll keep me young.


-Having a baby in your 40s is common these days, and the majority of older mothers have totally normal pregnancies. Still, the risk of complications rises after age 40.
-This is crazy: If you’re physically fit, eat well, and don’t have preexisting health conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, your overall risk of other pregnancy complications isn’t markedly higher than that of a woman in her 20s or 30s.
-The self-confidence and perspective you’ve picked up in your life may make you more patient in dealing with a demanding newborn.


Andrea (was 44)-Down sides: My friends’ children are now in college, so I’m completely out of sync! They went through all the sleepless nights and playdates and pediatrician appointments years ago — and I’m just starting. I honestly don’t feel my age at all, but I realize that as I get older it’s going to become more challenging.
I thought being older would mean that I’d be more prepared for motherhood. I was centered, had traveled extensively, had eaten in all the best restaurants, and had bought all the clothes I wanted. But honestly, the experience of the two of them brings me to my knees. I wouldn’t have been more prepared at 144.


Honestly, for me… I am 29 years old. 30 will be the ideal age for me. I don’t want to be so far apart in age from my children that they are not able to have a relationship with their grandparents. Also, I want to be a young and energetic mother… I have stability at work and at home that gives me comfort in knowing that I will be able to handle the challenge financially and physically. Also, we both know that we want more then one and I don’t want children that far apart in age. So its time to get this show on the road!