The Debut of Google Friend Connect on this site!

Usually, I don’t really push how you can connect with this blog but since I have some other options for ways that you can follow this blog.. may as well post.. especially since I just added Google Friend Connect to my sidebar.

I initially didnt put my Google Friend Connect in the sidebar for a number of reasons. But as persons have visited my blog, I was wondering if I was making it easy for my non-blogger readers to come back. Seeing how easy it was to just click, sign in and press done on other blogs,  I figured it was time to debut my Google Friend Connect as well. 

I hope for the 2000+ persons who have read this blog over the last two months that its not too late and that some of you are still with me. But, I was trying to figure out this whole blogosphere and streamline ways to bring information to you in wonderful ways …

So, if you are out there and you are reading and want to stay connected here (TRUST ME, you Do! I have SO much more in store to post… countdown to settlement = 1 day away) then go ahead scroll down and connect!

I would truly appreciate the love!

Thanks again,



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