First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage… Then Comes

So clearly this blog has evolved into being about the newlywed life… so why not just discuss and vent about all things that come up on a day to day basis…
It’s just so that I can focus on decorating our home on this end, but answer all the questions I get… or vent about the entire thing… I guess it really is
First comes Love,
Then Comes Marriage..

Then the entire world expects Jasmine and Amos to come with the baby carriage?

although its a New Year’s Resolution for us.. when will it actually happen and what do we think about the whole thing?
In case you get curious, click the tab…
cause that’s where I will be writing all about it.
…a baby?
That’s what some people think.. for us it goes like this…
We have loved each other for almost 7 years. 3 years as friends who truly cared about the well-being of each other and spent 2 years courting… we have been married now 18 months..
It was 18 months ago that dialogue changed from people just asking “How’s your hubby?” to “When are y’all going to have babies?”
What people fail to realize is that we are a couple who went to 13 weeks of premarital counseling BEFORE we even were engaged just to make sure that we knew what we were getting into and had a 6 month follow up right before we walked down the aisle. We put as much planning into our marriage just as we did our elaborate wedding.
So when it comes to wanting to bring children in the world, you best believe that we are planners. We can never force things to happen before its time. So, we had a plan… 18 months after we get married we will be financially stable enough to purchase a house. And 18 months exactly we did just that – we got our first home.
When 2012 hit, one of our goals that we did discuss was having children– not late 2010, nor 2011, but 2012 we actually discussed it. Any time before then would’ve been okay with us. Afterall, we were married. We were adults and we could handle whatever life would throw at us in that regard. But it did not happen before today.
It’s 2012.
and I guess…
I am ready to be pregnant and have a baby.
Before now, we were winging it…
I go through the ups and downs of disappointment every cycle that passes and a happy accident didn’t happen..
but instead of bottling that up, I knew that would have to be at least one other person out there who feels the same way that I do..
So here it is.. my journey to becoming a mother.
I will share my hopes, dreams and wishes on becoming a mother.
My fears and hesitations on becoming a mother.
What does hubby think about all this?
And the real story about how every Trying to Conceive journey isn’t the same-
its not always a “we got pregnant on our honeymoon” for every newlywed.
So here goes nothing..
When are we going to get pregnant?
Only God knows at this point.


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