The Game & Braxton Family Values: Trying to Conceive goes to Television Storylines

It is really interesting to me to see how many shows these days how many shows are discussing Trying to Conceive… I don’t really remember it being discussed THIS much on television before… or is it that its just sticking out to me more because that’s kind of where we are in this phase of life.

I mean, we are in our early 30’s… well at least I am 6 months away from 30.. but still, close enough where if we want children (yes, more then one) then I guess we should start now so that we can get settled and then be ready to push out #2 or #3.
On The Game, Melanie and Derwin Davis have been trying to get pregnant since they have been married. We have seen episodes where Melanie is seen taking her temperature with a basal body thermometer and crazily running to hoist her feet in the air to encourage conception.. to the latest episode where this happens..

It was devasting to the couple, who is now looking into adoption. It is also ironic because the character that plays Melanie is Tia Mowry-Hardrict who just chronicled her pregnancy woes in her reality show with her twin sister, Tamera Mowry-Housley …

Last night, watching the Finale of Braxton Family Values, we saw Tamar and Vince go to a consultation at their OB/GYN or Reproductive Endocronologist (just not sure which she was) however, it was explained that Vince would have to do a Semen Analysis and Tamar would have to do bloodwork. Vince and Tamar have been married three years and it wasn’t until Vince had a REAL scare with blood clots that Tamar changed her position on her wanting to have children.

Unfortunately for Tamar, she waited just a little too late to be aware of her body and it looks like she may be experiencing early menopause and may not be able to carry her own child.. There is nothing worse then trying to follow the rules, get married, wait for the right time and then be told… it’s too late for you even in your 30’s.

Who could forget the couple that did it first, they put Trying to Conceive on the map of Reality Television. Guiliana and Bill Ransic: Guiliana an E! Television Personality and Bill Ransic of Apprentice with Donald Trump, got married and decided to have a baby and air it on television through their reality tv show. Unfortunately after a failed IVF and a miscarriage, Guiliana’s doctor asked her to get a mamogram where she found out that she had breast cancer. Guiliana recently had a double mastectomy in order to not go the radiation route to hurt her chances of being able to conceive.
Well, does Television help those that are going through the same thing? absolutely! but does it hurt also.. absolutely. For those who never had a worry in the world that they may get pregnant, now has every fear in the world that it is all too common to not get pregnant the first time that you try.
It’s that moment that you wake up from the fairytale that it hits you… that childhood song that you used to sing:
Johnny and Sara
Sitting in a Tree
First comes Love,
Then comes Marriage,
Then comes Sara with the baby carriage
Well, not so much..
…First comes love,
Sometimes comes marriage
then comes the reality star, teen mom with a baby carriage
while you wait for your own consult with the RE
to be told that you need supplements and vitamins
that are going to make you gain even more weight
just to get pregnant with medical assistance 
and have to go into early labor
for fear of preclampsia…
yeah yeah I know…. maybe all this baby talk makes me a little hyperchondriac-ish (i know its not a word) LOL.
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