Life begins a Thirty Indeed!

I am not EVEN 30 yet… but clearly at this point, life (in my belly) is not going to be birthed out until then…
or later
Being a woman is SO hard at times.
One of the hardest things for a woman is making sure that you can even HAVE a baby. It requires so much bloodwork, testing and probing then one can imagine.
These are the things that they didn’t tell you:
1. Everyone does not get pregnant on the first try, its clearly something they tell you when they are trying to scare you… however, there are some lucky few that this indeed does happen to.. so basically what I am really saying is that everyone is different. Some have to wait a few months, years even to be able to get pregnant.
1. No matter how much they say it takes two to tango, you will definitely feel like it must take one.. since you are the one going to all the doctors visits and what not.
1. You apparently have to give blood at most visits these days. I have three different doctors and they are appointments to give blood – whats that about?
1. At some point its all worth it.. if this is what you really desire. So when you get frustrated with the needles, the probing and what not, always remember the end result.
1. Whats our diagnosis:? That we have mediocre health care despite the fact that I work for the Federal Government and babies cost money, so make sure you did like I did and look into if you even have some type of maternity care even if you are just considering having children (or sleeping with people unprotected.)
1. Seriously, we don’t know yet… its too early to tell– and honestly we are just in the stage of making sure I can carry and produce children. Until then… THIS (see picture above- from my iphone) is what I have to go through.
and P.S. I know I used 1. for each one.. some reason they all seemed equally important at the time.
Have a great baby making day!


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