"Resurrection" Sunday!

When you are a blogger, you spend many of hours on the computer… when you work from home some days, you spend even more hours on your computer that is mandatory. So when you are on your computer and you see THIS!
 Instantly your heart goes into panic mode… clearly you know that your computer is starting to rebel when it starts to speak to you in different languages. I mean as if English was not enough woman! My computer started screaming at me and made it very clear that I would need to restart my computer now or else. NEVER had I seen this message on my Macbook before…
I desperately need a new one…  My computer really needs to be resurrected! I have an outdated laptop and an outdated desktop. So Apple, if you happen to stumble across my little blog– a sponsorship would be lovely so that I can continue working blogging.
In other news… Easter Weekend was wonderful! Why?? Because it started off like this…
Nothing better then being a tourist in your own city. Saturday morning started off with a little country breakfast for two.. when I say two, I mean for me and my husband (hehehe)
But breakfast was great!
I feel like I am the spokeswoman for Scrapple! I LOVE scrapple..
What is Scrapple? you might ask…
Its that piece of pork sitting to the left side of my plate.

A well cooked piece of scrapple is always crispy on the outside, with its soft meatness on the inside.. (at least thats how I prefer it- I am kind of a “burnt” breakfast meat kind of girl).

Easter Sunday better known as Resurrection Sunday to those of us who are Christians, was wonderful. My husband is at a church that has a theater size stage with staging and lights as well. I swear its one of the few if not only churches where you can worship on Resurrection Sunday at the foot of the Tomb of Jesus. (clearly its a prop and not the actual tomb) but it looked GREAT!
Detail shots from Sunday:
Hope your weekend was as wonderful and adventurous…



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