Where there is Smoke there is Fire!

Ok, so I hate to say this but, MY NEIGHBORS ARE IDIOTS!
So… here is the story..
I don’t really KNOW my neighbors. And by now I guess I should’ve been the “I baked these cookies for you”, knocking on the door next door to introduce myself to the neighbors type of person by now.. but honestly, I haven’t really gotten around to doing so just yet.
One reason, I don’t have any cookie batter.
The other thing that grinds my gears (yeah I said that) is that on day one of them moving in, they have planted these solar walk-way lights on this little patch of grass that is between our homes and literally lighting not a dag on thing..(would do better standing outside with a candle) AND ITS AGAINST OUR HOA Agreement. I am stickler for the rules when it comes to a neighborhood like ours and there are rules in place to not devalue our home and/or make the exterior look ununified or should I dare say.. tacky.
Every night I just want to kick those useless things out of the ground.. but thats not what this post is about, so I digress… although, I laughed hysterically when on St. Patrick’s Day one of their friends rolled over one of those bad boys backing out of the driveway! One turn of the wheel crushed one to oblivion – sadly it got replaced this weekend… which brings me to why I write this post…
My neighbors celebrate EVERY holiday. From what I do know they are hispanic.. still not sure who actually lives in the house, however, I do know that every holiday there is a party. I get it- its a new house, we all just moved so we take each chance to “christen” the new space. So for now, I won’t complain about the drunken stoopers into the wee hours of the night.. because when we christen our domain, I don’t want to hear a single peep from you or your whining dog that barks every time you put him on the patio because he would rather be walked then to be set outside like trash…. AGAIN, I digress…
Well, Easter Monday Morning, I am working from home… as it is my custom to do so EVERY Monday, I wake up to come downstairs to make breakfast and I see HUGE BILLOWS of smoke on my back patio.. of course I go into a frantic run through the house thinking that some thing is on fire! I am thinking that I am going to have to wake my neighbors up and tell them to flee immediately. Then when reality sank in, I thought well maybe they are just continuing the party and grilling for breakfast (who knows, some people do weird things). But because of our privacy fence I had to run back upstairs into our bedroom so that I could peek over the wall… the next part of the conversation went like this:
Me: “Babe! Turn off the alarm so I can go open the door downstairs.. I need to open the window!”
Hubby: (half sleep grumble) “What are you talking about?!”
Me: “Something is on FIRE! If the neighbors house is on fire, then our house is on fire!”… “No.. wait… they are just idiots!…. They left the gas grill on over night and this fool is pouring water on the flames!… false alarm”
Hubby: “We have a fire wall anyways.. we would’ve been safe”
Me: “But our home could’ve looked UGLY!” (yes, thats what I think about when its early and I see smoke)
Needless to say, they are Idiots.. and they should keep their SMOKE and FLAMES to themselves! This is probably what I thought was going on over there… probably times ten judging the size of flames and smoke
I thought my little block was about to look like this!
Scared me half to death.. imagine me running and screaming through the house..
(Don’t even get me started on how they broke their garage door – we’ve only lived here a month!)
Real Talk: Grill Fires are dangerous.. and as grill season approaches please make sure that you take FULL precautions to keep yourself and your home safe… and your neighbors safe as well.
Well, that’s it for me.. got any crazy neighbor tales.. spill it! Have a great smoke-free day!
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