Friday’s Letters

Photo by Colville Heskey
Dear Husband, you are truly my balance. thanks for trying to get me out of bed on time for work even if I am a meanie in the mornings… I mention I want some kettle popcorn on twitter indirectly and by the time I get home you have two boxes of it in the pantry. It’s the little things like that.. I love you. Promise me that we will always make time for date night, just as we have each weekend these last 19 months of being married.
Dear Stomach, I am sorry that I have been playing the guessing game with whether or not you will be fed for lunch. I really have to do better to pull away from my desk to put something in you.
Dear Extra Pounds, you may leave now. That is all.
Dear Arista, our loving part-time pet, I think hubby misses you. He randomly calls your name from time to time.So we may need to skype a puppy date with your mother..
Dear Indian Remi Weave, I am not sure if I miss you yet. Being natural has been so freeing, but I am sure that you will make a return again sometime during this summer… so please remain on standby until I figure out if I am going to dye my hair back to what it was like in this photo above. (yes I wrote a letter to my hair.. LOL)
Dear Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, do you really have to tug on every emotion that is within my very being. You have me talking to my T.V. and crying like a crazy lady.
Dear Kobie, or Kobie-girl as I like to call you everytime I walk in your mom’s house. Its your 1st birthday party tomm and your godparents can not wait to come and see that big ol’ smile on your face!
Dear Blog Readers, thanks for reading! I never really broadcast that I have this little outlet and yet almost four thousand of you have already found this to be intriguing enough to stay and read while you were here.
Dear Blog Followers, well.. the good book says be faithful over a few and he will make you a ruler of many. Thanks for sticking by me on the consistent. Just know that even if I write for the few thousand that past by or the 6 of you that follow me, it honestly still feels great to woosah here with you and let the sunshine in (starts thinking of the song from Hairspray and waving my arms around like I am in a field).
Dear Prescriptions, Why did you cost $65.00!! for two bottles and one of you were $62.00 alone?! What gives??
Dear Aetna, have better prescription coverage!
Dear Friday, why do you always go by so slow when I have to sit in the office? Can you speed things along already?
Dear Monday, take your time.

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5 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  1. Lindsey Cazac says:

    Hi! I'm your newest follower and co-host of this month's blog hop. Thanks so much for joining in on the fun 🙂 I'm looking forward to getting you know you better!

    You both are adorable!! Such a cute couple.


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