Monday’s Musings: Unpacking my Weekend

It’s time to unpack the weekend! WHY!? Don’t we all wish for just one more day in the weekend?
1. Eating healthy all the time is exhausting for a newbie. I have yet to be able to get to the place to fully plan every meal… probably because I am an emotional eater. I eat based on how I feel at the moment… I do EVERYTHING based on how I feel at the moment now that I think about it.. SO.. this weekend I may have fallen off the healthy lifestyle bandwagon.. 
Small steps people. I am trying. But I really wanted a burger! So off to Red Robin we went. 
I actually didn’t get the Banzai Burger – 
I got the Avocado Bacon Burger cooked Medium with Blue Cheese. It was so good just typing this makes me want one right now. 
Ironically, as I am working from home – I look up and the Today Show is talking about iPhone apps to healthier shopping. Maybe, I will download a few. They recommended Shop Well. Anybody else have any other recommendations?
2. As you know, (or may be finding our right this moment) Hubby and I have a habit of doing date night weekly with an Opening Night Movie.
Our opening night Movie this week was : The Five Year Engagement; 
Last Weekend was Think Like a Man 
and this weekend coming up is the Midnight Showing of The Avengers! (excited much? yes!)
Ok, has anyone ever gone to retrieve their tickets at the machine, swipe your card and it spits out tickets you forgot to ever retrieve? Oh, that ONLY happens to me??
…So I go to swipe my debit card to retrieve the tickets for the show because on this night I decided to treat hubby to our date and it spits out two tickets to Michael Jackson “This is It”… When they first spit out, my husband started fussing at me saying “You got the wrong show!” I had to look carefully and then yell back at him “apparently the wrong year, too” that movie came out about two years ago. 
Afterwards, the right tickets came out. Yes, I held on to the MJ tix for nostalgia though. LOL
I won’t give a review because I don’t want to spoil it for those who may be interested in going to see it, but this movie truly raises a lot of real life situations when it comes to relationships. It shows two different types of relationships and asks the question: when you sacrifice for your spouse, is resentment inevitable? even if you are in full support of seeing your other half successful? (this will be a blog post for a later date because there are so many real life relationship situations that I have encountered this weekend that I may need to unpack it into a few different posts.)
and just because… Two weekends back to back, Kevin Hart has been in a movie that we have seen. Had no clue that he was in the 5 year engagement! One of the funniest comedians EVER!

3. Highlight of the Weekend: Going to A Night of Hope with Pastor Joel Osteen.

Now, let me make this very clear… I am one who when I see Pastor Joel Osteen on television halfway through may turn the channel because his calm demeanor at time does not keep my attention. I come from a church where whooping and shouting is an art form. Much like Pentacostal. But, my husband being a Minister of Music was offered the opportunity to have some of his choir sing with Lakewood Church for this Night of Hope, therefore we were given VIP tickets.

It was surprisingly amazing… 
seeing that many people, no matter what race, denomination or creed – standing and singing praise and worship was amazing!!

In case you are wondering, The Washington DC Nationals Stadium holds 40,000+ people. 
and Pastor Osteen’s message was one that really hit home. 
He reminded me that this is truly the time that God will provide those things that we ask, if we are brave enough to simply ask. 
Unfortunately, my allergies was THEE WORST sitting out there! My eyes would not stop watering. People thought I was really moved by the spirit and I had to give them the “you have got to be kidding me face”.. No lie, some strange lady tried to give me a hug because she thought I was upset about something.. I literally had to tell her “please don’t touch me”. (another thing about me, I am not a hugger unless I really know you). 
The weekend ended with a little online shopping and I came across these!
4. I am a SHOE FANATIC! Whether it is a great platform stiletto or a tennis shoe, I am on it!
I am thinking about adding these to my closet! I can totally imagine wearing these with a great pair of skinny jeans. If anyone would like to gift these to me, shoot me an email! LOL

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