Nicole wrote about how she searches through blogs and then realizes that she has gotten sucked into a person’s blog because she could totally relate! When I read that I said “Thats ME!” I feel like that’s how I feel when I come across many blogs and I have listed some of my favorites and constantly search for new favorites to read..
She started a speed-dating link up so that we can get to know some new blogs and have some fun while doing so and so … naturally, I will join her!
This Little Momma

It will help you get to know me a little bit more, since at the moment I don’t have an About Me page… really my WHOLE Blog is “About Me”, but to sum it up… here we go:
1. I graduated from Baltimore School for the Arts and I studied Visual Arts. Thought I was going to remain in the Art professionally in the world of fashion or fashion illustration… that didn’t happen.
2. I graduated from Howard University, after switching my major late sophmore year from Fashion Merchandising to Administration of Justice. Yeah, I know…. HUGE leap.
3. I eventually, didn’t really know what to do next after quitting my first job right out of college, so I moved to Chicago because I felt like I never left home! I had a ball and actually moved back home after receiving my Masters Degree.
4. I prayed for God to send me a husband after having my heart broken by someone I was with all throughout college. My husband and I met while visiting a church… the same church we later got married at in 2010 – and found out there that we both attended the same home church. You can read more about that here and here. We were friends for a good 3 years prior to us dating for 2 and getting married on the 3rd anniversary of us dating.
5. I purchased my wedding dress before my husband had officially proposed. Secretly, I also booked the wedding reception venue also.. guess you can say that I was a confident one about when I wanted to get married and knew that he would fall in line. LOL.  I eventually purchased a second dress after he proposed… it went with the second ring he gave me right before we got married… we are honestly just givers and love to spoil each other.
6. I have found my place in career by working wherever the wind blows me: I guess its just my personality. The job I had before becoming a federal supervision officer was working for BET Television working as a Travel Coordinator for all of their major shows.. I know right?!
7. We recently purchased a home. More on that here, here and here, which is when I started blogging because I was so anxious during the whole process of going to settlement. Mind you we had it built from the ground up! So that was nerve wrecking in itself.
8. I am a professional musician’s wife and I love every bit of it. We are headed to see Coldplay this summer, we have seen John Mayer and Beyonce Live.. all exciting moments because I love all kinds of music.. and especially Gospel Music- been to many of Gospel Music Award Shows.
9. We agree that we want 3 children, but also agree that we will be happy with however many children we have whether that number be smaller or greater.
10. I love daschunds and have always had one in my life – that is until recently, so now I just have my sisters daschund from time to time… more on that here and I can’t convince my husband to get us a full-time one.
11. My husband and I LOVE Movies and seek out great Movie Theaters- it was never our goal but it has now become our thing to go see a movie almost every weekend. Most movies that we see – its the opening weekend for that movie.. I really think we like the excitement of being around people and shuffling through the hustle and bustle of trying to get good seats.
12. I love expensive shoes and its probably the only thing that I would save up to buy money for. Does that mean I don’t rock cheaper shoes.. absolutely not- it just means that when I have the money for them its always my go to splurge.. that and hair! lets keep it real!
13. I have been an Ordained Elder since 2009 and love spreading the Gospel, but what I love more is that God can use me just as I am. I love that all my life I have been around persons who can use their flawed lives and bring persons to Christ. So yes, just as I am.. skinny jeans, stilettos, hot pink feathered earrings, I have no problem opening the doors of the the church because before persons can know Christ, they have to seem him in you.. not the you that you fake being, but the real you..
14. Which brings me to this.. I had a tongue ring once in my life.. now I have 7 tattoos…yup.. but still a preacher, who works with some serious offenders daily. Go figure?! Its where the wind blew me.. I am definitely a go with the flow type of Virgo you know?!
Want to know more??… cause clearly, I haven’t overshared already .. ask me. Shoot me an email at hellogmsunshine@gmail.com

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Half Way through the Year: New Years Resolutions Revisited

So we are half way through the year just about and I figured, now is a perfect time to see where my resolutions stand:
If you recall I said that 2012 would be the year that –
1. I want to lose weight so that’s on the top of my list.
2.  Close on our new home and move in Early Spring!
3. Get Organized. I need to reorganize my home.
4. Excel at my career.
5.Support my husband further in his music endeavors.
6. We will consider having children in 2012. We will see what God has to say about all these things.
Here is how I have faired 6 months into the year:
1. I want to lose weight so that’s on the top of my list.  Now yall know I have lost a tiny bit but I need to get a hustle on this one for sure.
2.  Close on our new home and move in Early Spring!  Done
3. Get Organized. I need to reorganize my home. Everything has a place, it just needs to stay there.
4. Excel at my career. Done and continue to do! Last performance score was Exceeds Expectations!
5.Support my husband further in his music endeavors. Absolutely! and still will do! I am so proud of my husband and how he has gotten promoted and is now walking in that position as well as, written two songs on major records this year… he is doing his thing! and I am right next to him cheering the whole time.
6. We will consider having children in 2012. We will see what God has to say about all these things.
No pregnancy announcements just yet, but we have 6 more months left in the year.
So whats that 3 out of 3… not too shabby.
What have you set as a resolution? And how well have you done with them thus far?

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No-Show/ No-Call Hurts People!

In the spirit of being some what transparent and keeping it real in case anyone can relate…
Today I want to talk about something that really has me in my feelings…
and maybe it could be a hormonal thing, or maybe I have run out of reasons to make excuses..
but today… as there have been other days, its not always about Sunshine around these parts…
What am I talking about… Today I want to talk about a Friend that Didn’t show up to our Housewarming/ Memorial Day BBQ
Sometimes, there are moments where there is a great time had by all, but there are other times where you feel like as long as your Best Friend is there it doesn’t matter who else is there.
Memorial Day was one of those days that I put emphasis on that statement alone.
Afterall, it was our first time having anyone over–
I posted last week about how I wish that I had a friend who I could just do something simple with, like run to Target and get lost in there for hours, buying things you had no intentions of getting but hey! its Target!
Since moving from home and a little further from my home city, its rare that I would even know who I wanted to call when my husband is at work and I wanted to go kick it with the girls without having to drive about 45 minutes and plan it in advance.
As to not digress too much, my best friend was supposed to come to our housewarming. She was going to come over early and help me cook and bring her favorite dish and my God-daughter was going to come over and play for the first time. Needless to say, it didn’t happen – I called twice and received no call back. I called her cousin and told her to pass along the message to call me.
What made it worse? My hubby kept asking “So you didn’t hear from her yet?”
And I would have to suck my feelings in and say “no” in a way that wouldn’t make him upset at her for me.
I get it… things happen.. and honestly, she is going through some things in her marriage that I can’t yet disclose, but I can’t help but say that I did wake up feeling like “Oh, I am that friend now?… I have been bumped down to the friend that you just avoid and call back when you feel like talking versus being vulnerable and just tell me straight up that you can’t make it?” I mean, grant it – I am venting but we have been friends since highschool. We have gone through so much in life together and yet all I received was an email this morning saying ” I am not feeling myself, but I felt like I should apologize for not showing”… I love my friend, but honestly I would have rather her saved her email to me and just wait until you do feel yourself and call me on the phone. This is like a major moment in our life and you missed it.
Understanding my new place (and yeah perhaps being a tad dramatic, but my feelings are still hurt)… I am going to be actively taking new friend applications – and not to replace the ones I have, but I guess I am just tired of feeling like I am out here alone, because hanging out and enjoying life doesn’t have to always be complicated. Sometimes it can be something as simple as just being there to go to Starbucks and Target or stopping by to do absolutely nothing but hang out…
those days are so long ago that I guess, I should’ve realized this a long time ago.
Is it just me?
No-Show/ No-Call Hurts People… especially your closest friends

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Memorial Day Musings!

Memorial Day was a wonderful day and it was quite a special one this year :
May 28th is my Mother’s Birthday 
Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you so much! I really hope that you had a wonderful birthday and hopefully this will be the last birthday where we are in different states. I am definitely praying and keeping my fingers crossed.
And now, to recap the weekend with Sometimes and Always ~
Sometimes: We host late night parties at our house with our closest friends and try to keep it simple.
Always: We serve breakfast foods like Chicken and Waffles 
so that we are able to make it through the night.
Sometimes: We tell our friends the party begins at 7:30pm so that we can begin to 
wind down around 1am at the latest
Always: They show up late and it turns into super late. This particular night, 
they ALL showed up at 10pm right on cue and didn’t leave until 5am. 
This is my tired hostess look

this is the calm before the storm picture.. they weren’t sitting quiet for too much longer

Sometimes: These guys are very calm and quiet ~ these are their “we are full” faces.
Always: That only lasts for a brief moment because they were so loud and hilarious for the rest of the night that for the most part everyone woke up hoarse 
Sometimes: I take my sweet time trying to find the right frames for some of my favorite pictures to put them up around the house. 
Always: Our random friends play with them and they never get back to quite right. Its as if we have children for real. 
This is Jeremy saying to me, “What? I think it looks better this way”
He has no idea how long it took for me to stop obsessing about how to get them level. 

Sometimes: People come over two days in a row, so the party continued again 
– supposed to start at 3:30pm
Always: In true fashion, the crew is late and it starts at 7pm and ends at 1am
Sometimes: I can’t believe how much fun we have together
Always: No matter how tired I am, I will invite them over the following weekend to do it all over again. 
Sometimes: I wish I could have an early afternoon function at my house
Always: I accept that our house is the last stop on the train of BBQ’s and I am ok with that… because no one wants to go home – thats how you know we have the best times!

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend friends! I truly had THEE best time this Memorial Day.. and the jokes that we will have from being delirious I will never forget and will be giggling for days to come. 
There is a heap of persons who came to our house that I didn’t get the chance to grab my phone and capture – for one, I lost it in the kitchen for most of the day.. one day I am going to get it together so I can really capture these memories. 
My feet hurt so bad from painting the house, to standing to cook all weekend and clean and be hostess that today- I could barely walk without crying by BBQ Day #2, and although I am working from home today — I have decided that I am not leaving this bed at all to walk. 
Hubby decided then that he is going to take me to the movies later, even if and I quote “I have to be in a wheelchair.” Sure Hubby, lets go see Men In Black 3…  LOL
That is after you wake up from your nap… will you tuck me in like Barack tucks in Michelle
miscellany monday at lowercase letters

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Friday’s Letters

Dear Pinkberry Salted Caramel, WHY OH WHY? must you be so yummy! Usually I don’t like your cousins, you know those other flavors.. but you! you won the battle for me yesterday.
I may just have to escape back down to the National Harbor today to have more of you!
Dear Friday, I am SO glad that you are here! Why couldn’t you be here yesterday?!
Dear 5pm, Can you come sooner?? I am SO ready to start the weekend, afterall we are having our housewarming…
Dear Real Life Friends, .. I am so sorry, but I totally went blonde on the invites so you if you get a random text from me soon with the invite to our house, just know that the only thing last minute was me letting you know.. not that I wasn’t thinking of inviting you. I just have a lot on my plate.
Dear Mary Mary Reality Show, I totally love the images that you put out there of not only working women but women who are married to musicians.. I always said that Erica (pictured on the right) reminds me so much of myself and Tina (on the left in the orange) acts like my sister.. well the quiz proves it! Even her husband Warryn reminds me so much of my hubby with the way that he does things and reacts to things.. its crazy scary!

Dear Hubby, its Friday.. our usual date night, but I think tonight we may just chill. You took the day off just to finish painting the house and thats a present in itself. No more white walls. AND you are giving me all the freedom to go shopping for the house tomm. You just don’t know it yet! HA!
Dear Blog Friends, Followers and Readers again its been another week over here at Hello, Good Morning Sunshine and you are still around. Simply put thank you. You are reading literally what I talk to myself about in my head and help me digest so much more in a healthy way (can’t go around talking to ourselves no can we?)
Dear FK*M, you know who you are… its going down this weekend! Its been a minute so we have to get it in for good measure. I love you guys!
Dear Mommy, why did you cancel your trip home? I saved your Mother’s Day present and now I will have to save your Birthday Present. I won’t see you for another month. *major sad face*… well Happy Early Birthday.
Dear Supervisor, you won’t let me go home early today? its simply a case of the Friday’s – however, thanks for the approval to work from home on Tuesday!!! You are still my fav’


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