Some New Wheels and a New Sponsor!

I got some new wheels!
Yes! Out of sheer rebellion and laziness, I got wheelchairs for my feet! So that I can glide across the floor with grace instead of having to actually walk!
No, I kid… LOL
Although when I went to the doctors this weekend, I saw a sign that said “Free Exercise. Take the Stairs” and oh HOW I WISH I could’ve taken a picture for you all to see because it tickled me so..
but the elevator doors opened.
… but,
I did get some new wheels though..
In an effort to save money on gas and what not, I purchased a hybrid vehicle that I have named “roadrunner.”
Why Roadrunner? Because everytime I see it, I feel like if it could talk it would say, “beep beep”
So, here is what Roadrunner looks like:
“beep beep”
It took me a while to embrace the idea of downsizing, but honestly, with the gas mileage I am getting and the parking spaces I can squeeze into, I could care less about downsizing at this point. This little beauty holds 500 mi worth of gas! Who hates going to the gas station? I DO!
Enough Storage!
Save on Gas!
Fit in plenty parking spaces in the Washington, DC Metro Area!
In the spirit of keeping it real, let me say this much… this car being in my driveway is truly nothing short of God’s Favor. I was in a situation where I was upside down in my previous car almost close to $9000. I truly was going into the dealership to test drive and information gather to later pray for what I can do in order to get out of a lease that was going to make me car poor. I used to lease my cars because they would be commuter vehicles and we had enough cars in the home where I was never in this situation … until now.
So, walked in the dealership and something unlike me was attracted to this car and I said prayed, the only way I am walking out of here with a car that is so not Jasmine is if they handed me keys without asking me for money and if there was a clear sign that I was saving money… then I will know my prayers have been answered. Because I literally hate going to the gas station and seeing how much its taking to fill my old car up with premium gas EACH WEEK!
And so, after wheeling and dealing.. basically negotiating like it was a stand off and talking back and forth as to what I should do.. God opened the door..
I pay less on the note. Pay less on gas AND the car takes Regular gas so my premium gas requirements are OVER! Honestly, I truly thank GOD!
God blessed our friends to be able to do the same just a few weeks prior and now our family.. he is in the blessing business this week…. so ask for what you want!
(I’m sorry usually I don’t give testimonies here, but honestly this purchase definitely warrants one)..
Now that’s my piece of sunshine for the week!

And we have a new sponsor here at Hello, Good Morning Sunshine!
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Well, Kayla is our sponsor for the month of May.
I enjoy Kayla’s blog because her dog Pixie looks just like my part-time pet, Arista.
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