Happy Hour Wednesday

It’s humpday fun day!!!
Oftentimes on Wednesday, it feels like the slump of the week. Getting to this day may have been so mentally draining and yet Friday is still not yet close enough.
And so here we are … another Wednesday. There is so much for me to be Happy about this week.
So here’s my midweek Sunshine:
1. My little roadrunner is treating me very nicely! I consider it an early Birthday present from the hubs.
2. Wife Life Sunshine: I think the Spaghetti Argument may have finally come to a compromise. The other day I said that I would be making spaghetti again, but realistically that didn’t happen until last night. We both arrived home from work within about five minutes of each other. The meat had already been thawed out with hopes of being consumed a day prior… so when Hubby asked me to make spaghetti, I must’ve given this look of “now?” … OR he may have read my blog lately.. I don’t know.
But, as I got the pots and pans ready… here he came.. my help-mate, cooked the meat for me while all I did was watch noodles boil. We did it TOGETHER! Major step! Not so much about the fact that we don’t know how to cook spaghetti without having WW3 in our home. It’s just simply the fact that when we both go to work, and we both come home hungry, if one appears to be tired, will the other step in and at least take care of half the load versus sitting on your bum and waiting to be served. It was great!
3. I said I didn’t want a full-time pet in the new home with all the new carpet and the tendency for pets to mark their territory, but this one is SOOOOO cute.. may make me reconsider. Hmm…
4. Lastly, Baby Sunshine!
Jessica Simpson gave birth to her daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson… Now I know that she has been criticized for how much she has gained during pregnancy and also signed a MAJOR contract with one of those diets Weight Watchers/ Jenny Craig to lose it using them post-baby…but, when I look back to this and count down the months… just to think that she was only two months here when she announced…

all you can say is… WOW (two months really?).. Baby Maxwell weighed in at 9 lbs 13oz. 21 3/4 inches.
Honestly, I can’t talk.. being one who is already thicker then I want to be.. if anything this is motivation for this Run/Walk that I am participating in today because God knows.. if I ever post a pregnancy announcement at two months and you think that I am five months, then we have a serious problem!
What’s your Sunshine for the week? Link up anything that makes you smile!
Have a wonderful Happy Hour Wednesday!

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