Newlywed Confessions: My Hubby vs. Siri

Marriage, dare I say ANY relationship is about Communication.
One must learn how to speak in a way that the information can be received by the other party. Most disagreements and annoyances come from the fact that we forget sometimes that we are talking to a person who may not think in the same manner that we do… More importantly, someone who may not have the same habits as you.
Anyone who knows me in real life, knows that I am one who REALLY needs a personal assistant. I have no idea how I can freelance as an event planner, be very detail oriented on the job but in my own personal life and attempts to keep up with where I am supposed to be and what time… I am THEE worst!
I promise that you have to remind me of things at least three times so that I am thinking about it, remind me to look at my calendar so that I remember that it’s there and definitely text me the day of because my mind goes blank like adventures with Men In Black on the daily. So, when I wake up until I am reminded, I completely forget what it is that I was supposed to do that day and pray to God that I woke up in time to still be where I am supposed to be…
And as I type this I am thinking about at least four places that I have to remember to be over the next couple of days.. but I digress (and pray to God I don’t forget about).
Usually, when it’s really important, despite all the reminder gadgets that we own, I tell my husband to remind me. At first, when we started dating and even early in marriage, I am pretty sure that he was annoyed with having not only to keep up with his crazy busy schedule, but now he had to constantly remind me of mines. And not only my schedule, but stuff like where I left my car keys, did I put the garage door down, did I lock the front door, etc.
Then Apple came out with Siri — a computerized personal assistant with a sassy attitude available in the iPhone 4S. Seeing as though we own every Apply gadget made, you would think I was in line for such a device that would clearly make my life easier… just as I may or may not have stood in line for hours when the first few iPhones came out..
But nope…
 I don’t have Siri. I don’t have an iPhone 4S… I have an Amos..
What’s an Amos?
A cute, handsome device of sorts that has dimples that drives his wife coo coo for cocoa puffs!
This is an Amos..
I was all too reminded of how he is truly my real life Siri, and honestly just as corny for actually telling him that he is, when I sent hubby a text in the middle of the day to say:
“Can you remind me to purchase that bridesmaids dress for my cousins wedding on Monday. She is going to kill me if I don’t!”
The SAME bridesmaid dress that I mentioned last week and promised I would get… hence, proof that all of what I am saying in this moment is true.
Hubby simply responded “I got you.”
Combine the compromise we learned… with communication.. Or in my case, the NEED for over communication via reminders to function, then
Yes.. Husband … You definitely do get me.. You got me and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Thanks for putting up with someone who is at times the complete opposite of you! and at other times, like two peas in a pod, you can’t act silly and be yourself with…
Countdown to two year wedding anniversary.. T minus 3 months and 3 days.

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