Red Tails: Friday’s Letters

Did anybody watch Sesame Street when they were younger like I did?
If so..
This Friday’s Letters is brought to you by: The Letter J, the Color Red and the Number 4
Dear Hubby, …thanks for the late night date night yesterday. We have been waiting for The Avengers to come out for so long! and it was so worth it! Thank you, for still being a gentleman 7 years later. A girl can never get used to a man opening every door for her.
….Also, thank you for not laughing at me when I was truly embarrased: when in the heat of the moment of all the action in the movie.. my nerves got so bad that I needed to grab a drink out my cup and reached for the stranger’s next to me. Thank GOD I stopped short of actually taking a sip. That would’ve been AWKWARD!
….Thank you for also not laughing at me when I almost bust my tail trying to pick up my umbrella from the floor and losing balance falling slam into the wall and my big butt almost tore down the entire railing. I had a good laugh at myself.. but you.. you never laughed at me. Thanks for that!
Dear Little Cardinal Bird, Yesterday I thought you were cute. Today I find you creepy and annoying..

You woke us up yet again this morning by tapping at your reflection. Thought you would’ve caught the hint over the last two days, but nope.. just kept tapping away… tap.. tap.. tap

I came down and there you just sat, looking at me. Dare I say, taunting me!

Then little birdie, you convinced me you were leaving…

But nope, you just moved out of sight.. to the back fence..

Little Red Birdie, PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD! find a new home! We love you little red bird but… seriously… I don’t want to put curtains up because I would like to see the Golf Course, so I will put fake Hawks out on the portico if I need to! (not really, but what can I do? anybody?)
Dear Weird Guy in the Red Outfit strapped with “weapons”, you thought throwing your Thor hammer at people was funny… and you better be glad it did not hit me. Not only am I from a crazy city.. Baltimore, if you must know, but I am also an Officer and my tactical defenses are like reflexes..
Mind you weird guy, WHO are you supposed to be? That character is not in the Avengers… You are just strange.
Dear 4 sweet hours of precious sleep, how fleeting were you?
Why didn’t you bring your cousins hour 5, 6, and 7?
If these offenders get on my nerves I am going to have to resolve to having one of my favorite friends when I get off..
I call her “Red Cup!”
Dear Red Shirt that I thought I would wear really quick on this casual friday, umm who told you to be an XS?! I mean REALLY?! I thought you were an XL.
Talk about confusion when my four hours of sleep having self tried to button you up. It was a sad state of affairs. The bossoms said, oh no! you must set us FREE!
Ok so now you know I wrote this with no sleep, so enjoy your day. I am going to enjoy the comforts of my office where I can close the door and get some shut eye.
In case you didn’t know who the Letter J is… look below..

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One thought on “Red Tails: Friday’s Letters

  1. Tranae says:

    lol at the bird. A bird decided to lay eggs in our dryer vent last month and by law we couldn't move the eggs. So we had to wait until the birds left the nest before we could put up a vent cover. Those early morning songs are the worst.


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