Bridesmaid Dress buying and Bustin’ Loose!

So finally I can check off “Buy Bridesmaids Dress” off my to-do list! I am a Bridesmaid in my first cousin, Qiana’s Wedding in September of this year.
 Qiana and myself at my Parent’s 30th Wedding Anniversary in 2009
I have only been in two weddings besides my own… the first was my Best Friends wedding in 2007 and then one in 2010 a few months before my wedding. 
The last time I purchased a formal gown before this one was few and far between… and my body shape  had definitely changed. 
If you notice.. lack of waist… and my average bust turned into a busty girl problem…
This is me in the wedding in 2010… this wonderful cummerbund was mailed to me the day before I had to hit the road for the wedding and it never fit properly.. the size smaller then this would’ve looked like a corset. 
So when I saw this pic of myself above, I kicked it into high gear in order to have a waist in my own wedding dress.. but it still left me with the dress sliding down post final fitting and STILL a busty girl problem… YIKES! look this pic below.. 
My Pastor could see almost ALL my goodies while my husband was in prayer. 
Again for comparison, here is my husband and I at the Inaugural Ball in 2009 just the year before! I mean where did those bosoms come from?!?
But since I had two dresses for my wedding, I was happy that I was at least able to get that waist and hip area down to a size that I was pleased… however, I could not get down from this now DD back to the big B/C that I was before…

So, now I truly hated the fitting for my bridesmaids dress for this year because I have put on some “love” pounds since I have been married.. 
Do you see the LOVE in my thighs and gut?! YIKES! and clearly the bust hasn’t gone anywhere… here I am thinking that black would help as well as layers… 
but as you can see clearly illustrated below from here, this is my struggle daily — 

What is funny is when I saw this comic below, I swear my iPad was laying on my chest as I was perusing this hilarious website.. LOL 

So they measured me at the bridal shop… and they stated that I was between THREE sizes
Basically, my bust puts me in one size… waist in another.. hips in another.. I had to order about 3 sizes larger and will have to pay for them to take it all the way in all the other places. 
However, this dress size is about 6 sizes bigger then my wedding dress!!! YIKES!!!
So, that alone was motivation alone to kick my workout mode into high gear! It is no longer a game! 
I will be giving you a weekly check-in.. (hmm, guess I should go get a scale) but at least I will tell you that I am working out and what eating habits I have changed. 
Lets just say I am not happy with my dress size, and I will let you know how many dress sizes I have lost before this September Wedding! The incentive is also that my 30th birthday is in September and God knows I do not want to be restricted in where I want to shop for a fly outfit!

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10 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Dress buying and Bustin’ Loose!

  1. Barbara says:

    I unfortunately relate to this VERY well. Although, hey at least my hubby loves it. I order Empire Waist shirts up a size so they can fit over the girls.


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