Dropping Dress Sizes one small step at a time!

So you know that after yesterday’s scare at the Bridal Dress shop, I have been all the more motivated to get my workout on and push through the pain. Honestly, I used to be a very active person. I used to take dance classes about 4 days a week and then would party HARD every Friday from 12 am to 6am… don’t ask.. it’s just how young folk get down in Baltimore.
Either who, went to college and all of that activity stopped. I was in Marching Band and remained fit until I injured myself and that was it for that… and so since then I have honestly been struggling to find something that I like to do on a more consistent basis.
I tried Zumba, that is until I injured my knee..
you see injuries are usually what slows me down. I have had knee issues since I was in the 6th grade. One gymnastic class, trying to do a cartwheel and have had knee issues and find myself on crutches every so often with a sprain.
That being said, I knew that whatever I do to lose this weight has to be condusive to my knee caps and it had to be enjoyable enough that I would want to keep doing it.
Until I find that thing, I have decided that I would walk. I am not a runner and have never really been good at long distance running. My husband can run laps around me.. I on the other hand can not jog a mile. It’s sad, I know. However, I don’t mind walking longer distances.. except when I am in pain.
First day out, I just wanted to get in the habit of walking around part of our subdivision a few times. The second day, I decided I wanted it to count for something so I knew that there was an app for that… I downloaded this app above called MapMyRun available on iPhone.
It uses GPS to locate you and it calculates how far you have walked based on gps position. It also runs in the background so you can listen to your music at the same time as you walk and it will just interrupt the music at each mile to tell you the time you took to walk or run it.
I have started with a small goal of 2 miles and plan to work my way up to being faster and walk longer distances. I am not going to lie.. I almost cried the second day because I was already in pain and I really did not want to walk 2 miles. Plus, I really didn’t see how this was benefitting anything since its not burning a lot of calories compared to what I eat during the day. But I figured its better then nothing. So we shall see how effective this is… I may just have to get some help or a friend or a trainer, because now that I have a goal…the wedding and my 30th birthday, I really want to meet it!
disclosure: I was definitely NOT paid to suggest that app to you.. its what I use now and its what I like..

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2 thoughts on “Dropping Dress Sizes one small step at a time!

  1. Karla says:

    I always tell myself that.. regardless of what exercise I do weather is an hour at the gym or a job around the park what matters is that I got my bootay of the sofa and got my heart rate going. It feels allot better at the end of the day.
    Have you ever tried kick boxing? I love my class and it an entire body work out.


  2. Jasmine says:

    I haven't tried kickboxing as of yet.. I am not too sure as to which gym near me even offers it, but I do hear good things about it. One thing I do hate is cycling.. that is SO not for me.


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