Friday’s Letters

Dear 3 year old me, don’t regret anything you do because life is truly wonderful! You are blessed. Through ups and downs you will learn so much about who you are and what you are going to become in life. You have strong moral values and even when you think you may have figured out your purpose by the time you turn 30… I promise you, you will have no idea.
P.S. little me, when I see you, not to be vain but I really can’t wait to have mini versions of me running around.
Dear Hubby, as usual you get a letter… it’s date night of course! MOVIE NIGHT!. I love how despite the fact that we are partners and truly, there is no such thing as a wife “giving permission” to her spouse to do anything (cause afterall, we sure take our own liberties as well), you still called in that sheepish voice last night to ask if it was ok if you go out with boys… and I can never deprive you of alone time with the guys.. its what brings you balance and for me = happy home.
Even when what I am about to disclose in the next letter… hubby, you offered to take me with you just to make sure that I was ok. And when I decided I would be a big girl and not too scared to stay at home alone, you went on your way, but text me every hour and like 007 spied on the cameras around the house all night just to make sure the perimeter was safe.. THANKS BUNCHES!
Dear Maryland State Police, Thank you for the scare of my life thus far at our new home. We thought moving into a forrested area would grant us some privacy and looking over the greens of the golf course would give us peace… but when I look out and see you running through the hills, I know this can’t be good!

Dear Helicopter pilot, you woke me from my post work nap.. right before my big run around the neighborhood. Despite the fact that I tried to ignore you, you just wouldn’t go away and seemed to be closer then the usual noise of the air force base planes.. so I decided I would take a peek… which brings me to this letter..
Dear Police Tactical K-9 team, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?! You got the K-9’s out running through the golf course while people are playing.. you have posted up at my neighbors house?! should I truly be worried.. 
Dear Blog Readers, never fear… I am safe and all was well at the end of the ordeal. They drove around fast looking for some guy who may have travelled a mighty long way from a warehouse district we live near. I do know however, the best thing since sliced bread is home monitoring systems… nothing makes me feel safer at night for instances where people don’t know how to act!
Dear new blog followers, thank you for joining me. This blog has evolved quickly from topical to a blog about my life and adventures of being married. Comment, I read them all! I try to respond to most.. but trust me, I love comments..
Dear Shonda Rhimes, WHY?! Why every other season must you throw us for a tragic ending on Grey’s Anatomy? I mean you don’t think a team of doctor’s have already had enough post traumatic stress as it is?!
Dear Mr. Cardinal Bird and family, Thank you for chilling out… I know that I have only fooled you to not pecking away at the bottom of the window all day, but at least now all you can do is fly into the part of the window thats’s not covered in Crate and Barrel packing paper.. and you give up a lot quicker when you do that. One day, we will figure you out.
Dear beautiful blue almost lavender bird, I saw you yesterday. You sit quietly and don’t run into my windows non-stop.. please teach your red feathered friend the same courtesy.

Dear Mommy, Mother’s Day is Sunday.. and I was going to do a whole post
about what I know we are going to get you, but then I realize that you read this blog.. so just know that it is a surprise.
P.S. Dear Hubby, I just want to say that I am proud of you. You hate to toot your own horn and your being humble at all times makes me even more proud. But I am your cheerleader! I am super duper proud of you! You asked God for placements this year on records (for those unfamiliar, placements is when a songwriter gets their song recorded by another recording artist).. and God has truly blessed you to be able to do that twice now this year. I can’t wait until those albums drop!
Signed, your groupie, fan, backstage handler, manager, roadie, wifey!
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6 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  1. Chris says:

    Oh My… did you ever find out what the entire police force was doing in your neighborhood? Hope all is ok!



  2. Megan says:

    Oh my gosh, seriously! Grey's is going to be so stressful! I don't know if I can take it! Hahahaha. That's kinda scary that the police were everywhere. Hope that everything is okay! And 3 year old you is SO adorable!!


  3. Jasmine says:

    Man, between Greys and Scandal, I talk so much to the TV.. my hubby just always says at the end that he blames me for getting him hooked on these shows!

    Police being around can be frightening, but honestly I take it in stride as in “who is acting up now” since I work in Law Enforcement.. so I just went outside, asked some questions and went back inside.

    I just happened to find that pic of me when I was packing up some things during our move.. Thanks for reading..


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