Something for My Mommy

This is my mother. She is beautiful in every way imaginable. We can’t choose who are parents are, but I would like to believe that even if I could, I would totally choose this one! She is great! God did a great job choosing such a person to raise me. 
My mom is regal. 
And the many of pedestals that she has been raised up on, my mom is truly down to earth. Never letting her titles come before her, but its her personality that draws people to her. I love when people say I look just like you.. after all, we have the same name. Not to slight daddy, I do have his smile.. people don’t realize it. But that’s ok because this is not about daddy right now. 
In the 29 years of my life, there’s not a day that goes by that my mother has not given me the best advice. She even allowed me to make decisions of my own and when I realized they were mistakes she was there to say, “I knew you would figure that one out.” versus “I told you so.”
My mom.. when she is around, I laugh the most.. she is my role model for everything!
I remember asking my mom, “how are you so nice to everyone, even when they aren’t nice to you?” You see, I had one of those mouths that would love to go OFF! without hesitation.. I kind of blame daddy for that one… but, it was mommy that taught me that art of “killing people with kindness”.
My mother has been my Pastor for the majority of my life and now as Bishop she is now my Bishop even if she is not my Presiding Prelate at the moment.. but she has always sown seeds along the way and has taught me how to be a woman and to wear that mantle very well. For the last number of years, I’d say decades, my mother has always had to work on Mother’s Day. She’s had to preach across the country and share her day with other Mothers without having us as her children around because we can’t travel to be there with her… but my mom is so tech savvy – so for the moments where we can’t be there, we tweet, text, blog, skype, facebook and she will learn everything on the internet just to keep up with us.

I am led to believe that my mother’s love language is Gifts. Not a day has gone by that she is not giving to someone.. but as daughter, I get the best gifts! Not just time and all the emotional support, but lets be real.. financial support and plenty of shopping trips! Mom will not let a moment pass where she is not taking one of us out to just spend time with us. We may not live in the same state, but she never misses a beat. 
I once read a quote by Joan Rivers of all persons that said, as mothers you may be our best friend one day, an enemy the next day but you will always be their bank. I know that my mother never signed up to be such, but I am so glad that she (along with my daddy) has always been the best provider in the WORLD! I mean, I may never have enough days to pay her back but I promise I will try and if not, I pray that I can be the same to my future children!

From time to time, moments come where we are able to give back with small tokens of appreciation. It will never seem like it’s enough…
but Lady! You are the Best! 
Mommy! I LOVE YOU!
Happy Mothers Day
And for the other mothers in my life.. and to my Mother-In-Law, Rest in Peace… 
Happy Mother’s Day 

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