Monday’s Musings: Movies, Mothers and More

This weekend was a great weekend. It was nothing too out of the ordinary, but I got to spend quality time with my husband and my sister since my mother could not be in the DMV (DC, MD, VA Area- always referred to as the DMV here) to see us. She was in GA. 
Adventures with hubby began with a little light shopping and window shopping at our favorite mall. Then of course, we HAVE to go to the movies (Its just our thing) and we ended up seeing The Avengers yet again, but this time IMAX 3D. Usually the 2nd week the lines aren’t that long.. but with The Avengers, it was just like it came out yesterday. 
YES! This is the line… wrapped around and then some!

Is it just me or do you also HAVE to have Movie Theater Popcorn when you go to the movies… for me, I get so anxious, even if I have already seen the movie that I have to eat something or I will be one of those people you hate in the movie thats screaming out “Watch OUT!” 
On Mother’s Day, my sister and I hung out together at a Mother’s Day Brunch sponsored by DivasMPH
Meet Joi-Marie.. my little sister

Here she is giving remarks at the Heart Healthy Mother’s Day Brunch sharing how Heart Disease hits home for us. We wear Red Dress Pins to raise awareness.
In addition, look who came to visit ME! It’s Arista, our part-time pet! She at times lives with me and hubby and now for the most part she lives with Joi-Marie in New York… as her guard dog. LOL. 

This little monster peed on me in excitement.. oh what fun?! Why do Daschunds do that?!
And now, a lesson in how my blog post bites me in the butt… another Newlywed Confession
Oftentimes, as aware as I am about what we need to work on – it takes a while for it to become part of our very nature. 
As much as I wish at times, hubby would step up and help me even more then he already does, it doesn’t really fathom me that he may want the same thing out of me. Grant it, I may think that I am doing enough, but I am definitely aware that he may want the same. 
He literally said to me, “Where’s my help help-mate?!” as he was fussing at me about not offering to find him something to eat last night for dinner. Truth be told, I was tired. He felt like since he got up earlier then I did and did the most yesterday that perhaps his “more tired” feeling should trump my basic tired feeling. His point was that if the shoe was on the other foot, he would’ve done the same. I would like to believe that would be the case… but hey, maybe he would’ve or maybe he wouldn’t have. Unfortunately that was not the point. 
This I think is a lesson for newlyweds: at times we have to be what we want. 
When the Bible says, God loves a cheerful giver… it doesn’t always apply to just giving of tithes and offerings. If the things that I do around the house: if I did that cheerfully, perhaps my husband would not feel like I did nothing… 
The struggle is to not assume that because he is asking me to versus my volunteering to, he will not see it as it being my duty. I can want all day for him to cook more often, but it truly is a battle of how we were raised bumping heads. It’s up to us to find the compromise. I have placed all financial responsibility and balancing our bank accounts on him with no looking back. Something I would hate to have to do because going to the bank is such a pain to me.. but he does it without complaint.. 
Not to mention, it is hard to compartmentalize emotions when you are being pulled in different directions. My husband lost his mother in 1999. Mother’s Day is never easy and yet, him choosing not to eat all day was not out of laziness but rather on that particular day, he wanted to be nurtured, like a mother.. basically I failed. 
I was tired, but hubby missed his mom. 
Rest in Peace, Altagracia Saint-Jean

So hubby, Monday morning is hindsight 20/20… 
You are truly a momma’s boy.. you even look just like her.
Let’s go to Bed, Bath and Beyond now.. 
Love ya!

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