Monday’s Musings

We had a very eventful weekend:
We went to our first Baseball Game! I have no idea why it took so long.. but hey, we are not die hard Baseball fans. I had not been to a game since I was a little girl with my dad (back when they used to let you bring your own food to the stadium). 
I am of course an Orioles Fan being from Baltimore, but not too long ago D.C. got a Major League Baseball Team and so in sheer defiance my husband decided that he would pick the Nationals to root for since we were going to the Nationals Stadium. 
I had on my Orioles Orange  – and he wore his Nationals Baseball cap.. Mind you, I have never seen that hat until he came to pick me up from work that day.. talk about band wagon cheerleader. 
So we headed out and I ran into my sister, Joi-Marie’s Best Friend… Blog meet Emory. Yes, we each have male best friends.. if you don’t have one or never had one… you need to get one. I believe that it is very healthy to have a male perspective without sexual tension so that you can literally study the male mindset first hand and get some great advice versus guessing how a man may think… but moving on…

We enjoyed the entire experience.. eating “street meat” as people call it, which is just food from the vendors on the street.. 

We had club level seats, which really added to the entire experience. We were seated where a lot of foul balls get hit so that was pretty fun!

All in all, I had a blast! and we have to go to another game soon.. especially since the Orioles won! That made the experience so much better. Unfortunately, the Orioles lost big time on Sunday.. so glad we went to the Friday game! 

To top it off: Saturday we went to a Live Recording for Gospel Recording Artist for Jonathan Nelson
I was so proud of my husband because he was one of the writers on this next CD project entitled, Finish Strong

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4 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings

  1. Lauren - Hippie Dog Company says:

    that's really exciting! Your first baseball is something you will always remember, fan or not. We recently went to see the Twins play for the first time in their new stadium and I will always remember that too. YOu guys are super cute together!


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