Sometimes & Always

There are times in which I come across some great blogs that have some really great link-ups that allow me to get some of my day to day thoughts out…
If you notice, Monday’s I unload my weekend musings and link up with lowercase letters, which allow me to really just catch you guys up on what happened over the weekend.
…and for Friday’s I LOVE Friday’s Letters with Ashley to kind of kick off the excitement for the weekend…
In between the week you never know what you may find here, but I promise.. mostly its what I am thinking at the moment, which usually its something random and hilarious and then I will link up to Finding the Funny..
a new Favorite Blog- soon to be Bloggy Friend, Megan writes Sometimes and Always on Tuesdays.. and I decided that I would like to link up as it also gives me a chance to get my week started (what you may not know is that I work from home on Mondays, so Tuesday is my Monday).
And so, my inaugural Sometimes and Always..
Sometimes: I want to write a blog post and get it started in draft as a reminder so that I remember to complete it and link up for others to read it..
Always: I remember that I did it when its too late to link up and it has to sit and wait. (if you can’t see, that post says draft from 5/15/2012 – what day is today? umm yeah).

Sometimes: I get hoodwinked and bamboozled into going to eat lunch with my coworkers
Always: I regret where they choose.

My instagram from that day I went out with my coworkers
Sometimes: I miss the days of working in Entertainment Television because of the perks that I had.
Always: I am thankful my sister does because she gives me just enough swag so that I feel like I am not missing out anything.

The book she got after interviewing Tia Mowry; little sis said to go ahead keep it until it comes time for her to need it.
Sometimes: I have days like today where I feel like coffee is necessary.
Always: I drink coffee even if its not necessary.

Sometimes: The offenders I supervise try to talk their way out of being sanctioned for mistakes they make.
Always: I kill them with kindness and enforce every rule with all seriousness… and a smile.

Sometimes: I swear today will be the day that I kick excercising into full gear.
Always: I find something else to do with my time.

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5 thoughts on “Sometimes & Always

  1. Kimberly says:

    First of all, this is my first time reading your blog and you and the buggy look so amazing together! As a soon to be newlywed, I will definitely be checking in with your blog.

    I hope you get a chance to read the book, I was thinking of buying it myself. Let us know if it's any good!


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