Housewarming with a Fresh Coat!

I hate to say this but I am delusionally tired this morning… Preparing for a Housewarming Party is really hard work. We are having a series of housewarmings because for one, lets be honest, all of your groups of friends and associates do not need to co-mingle. Plus we want all guests to be comfortable and not fake because they all had to come meet up at our house.. and so… a series of party’s it is. Like for example, my mom and her friends need not be around mines- no matter how old you get, you will still feel like your party has to be taken outside because you are too loud… in your own house. 🙂
For whatever reason, on Tuesday when I came home from work, it was a nice day out so I decided… Lets do some Yard Work!  Mind you our yard isn’t HUGE, which honestly is exactly what we wanted, but its more then the mulched strip our neighbors have… (yeah, I am only jealous because I am tired). So superwoman I cracked open a few bags of the black mulch and made sure to cover all the places that needed mulching while avoiding skin contact with all the shrubs that I am allergic too. Yup! I am allergic to mostly everything in a yard!

It was worth it! It turned out great… and see little speed racer peaking out at you from behind the trees?
Yes, one day I will graduate from documenting everything on my iPhone.. you would be surprised at how many cameras I actually own, but none the less iPhone stays in the pocket.

So THEN, we decide… Let’s paint the Family Room and the Kitchen… this is where the power of bloggers come in.. I think someone pinned on Pinterest something about the moods based on color. And although Red is usually a color chosen for Dining Rooms, Yellow is a color for Kitchens. A person like me who needs more motivation in the kitchen, yellow will bring the sunshine mood to preparing a meal for hubby.
We chose: Valspar Cornucopia for the walls. Interestingly enough, before the yellow went on the wall the cabinets felt yellow to me. In real life, they now look like they have more of a red undertone.

The Kitchen looks out into the Family Room, so we chose a color that would compliment the Yellow, which is Valspar Boat Dock. It warmed the space up nicely…

I really love how it turned out… our house is still in disarray – as you see the TV has yet to be mounted, which will be done before the festivities begin this weekend…
but YUP my alter ego superwoman I decided to go ahead and paint the hallway … hoping that it would cure the bird problem. Stay tuned to see what color we chose for that!
Then it will be a trip to go get all the Accessories!!!!
Wouldn’t this look great in the Kitchen?!
Oh how I wish I had someone that lived near me that enjoyed the simple things like “accent pillow shopping”

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4 thoughts on “Housewarming with a Fresh Coat!

  1. Karla says:

    So far so good.. your home looks beautiful!! I really like the color you guys choose for the living room .. you’re right it really does warm the place up!


  2. Lashawn Gore says:

    Making progress in house construction will motivate you more to finish the project. You must have a clear plan of what design you want. Through this, it will be easier to finish any house renovation. In your case, I can see that you really want to do a fabulous job. You've got a great coat and I'm sure your neighbors will love it as much as you do. 🙂


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