Friday’s Letters

Dear Pinkberry Salted Caramel, WHY OH WHY? must you be so yummy! Usually I don’t like your cousins, you know those other flavors.. but you! you won the battle for me yesterday.
I may just have to escape back down to the National Harbor today to have more of you!
Dear Friday, I am SO glad that you are here! Why couldn’t you be here yesterday?!
Dear 5pm, Can you come sooner?? I am SO ready to start the weekend, afterall we are having our housewarming…
Dear Real Life Friends, .. I am so sorry, but I totally went blonde on the invites so you if you get a random text from me soon with the invite to our house, just know that the only thing last minute was me letting you know.. not that I wasn’t thinking of inviting you. I just have a lot on my plate.
Dear Mary Mary Reality Show, I totally love the images that you put out there of not only working women but women who are married to musicians.. I always said that Erica (pictured on the right) reminds me so much of myself and Tina (on the left in the orange) acts like my sister.. well the quiz proves it! Even her husband Warryn reminds me so much of my hubby with the way that he does things and reacts to things.. its crazy scary!

Dear Hubby, its Friday.. our usual date night, but I think tonight we may just chill. You took the day off just to finish painting the house and thats a present in itself. No more white walls. AND you are giving me all the freedom to go shopping for the house tomm. You just don’t know it yet! HA!
Dear Blog Friends, Followers and Readers again its been another week over here at Hello, Good Morning Sunshine and you are still around. Simply put thank you. You are reading literally what I talk to myself about in my head and help me digest so much more in a healthy way (can’t go around talking to ourselves no can we?)
Dear FK*M, you know who you are… its going down this weekend! Its been a minute so we have to get it in for good measure. I love you guys!
Dear Mommy, why did you cancel your trip home? I saved your Mother’s Day present and now I will have to save your Birthday Present. I won’t see you for another month. *major sad face*… well Happy Early Birthday.
Dear Supervisor, you won’t let me go home early today? its simply a case of the Friday’s – however, thanks for the approval to work from home on Tuesday!!! You are still my fav’


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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  1. Brandi says:

    Love your Friday Letters too! You just reminded me that we have a Pinkberry in the area and I think I may need try what you had. Have fun with your housewarming party. Your hubby is sweet to stay home and paint.


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