No-Show/ No-Call Hurts People!

In the spirit of being some what transparent and keeping it real in case anyone can relate…
Today I want to talk about something that really has me in my feelings…
and maybe it could be a hormonal thing, or maybe I have run out of reasons to make excuses..
but today… as there have been other days, its not always about Sunshine around these parts…
What am I talking about… Today I want to talk about a Friend that Didn’t show up to our Housewarming/ Memorial Day BBQ
Sometimes, there are moments where there is a great time had by all, but there are other times where you feel like as long as your Best Friend is there it doesn’t matter who else is there.
Memorial Day was one of those days that I put emphasis on that statement alone.
Afterall, it was our first time having anyone over–
I posted last week about how I wish that I had a friend who I could just do something simple with, like run to Target and get lost in there for hours, buying things you had no intentions of getting but hey! its Target!
Since moving from home and a little further from my home city, its rare that I would even know who I wanted to call when my husband is at work and I wanted to go kick it with the girls without having to drive about 45 minutes and plan it in advance.
As to not digress too much, my best friend was supposed to come to our housewarming. She was going to come over early and help me cook and bring her favorite dish and my God-daughter was going to come over and play for the first time. Needless to say, it didn’t happen – I called twice and received no call back. I called her cousin and told her to pass along the message to call me.
What made it worse? My hubby kept asking “So you didn’t hear from her yet?”
And I would have to suck my feelings in and say “no” in a way that wouldn’t make him upset at her for me.
I get it… things happen.. and honestly, she is going through some things in her marriage that I can’t yet disclose, but I can’t help but say that I did wake up feeling like “Oh, I am that friend now?… I have been bumped down to the friend that you just avoid and call back when you feel like talking versus being vulnerable and just tell me straight up that you can’t make it?” I mean, grant it – I am venting but we have been friends since highschool. We have gone through so much in life together and yet all I received was an email this morning saying ” I am not feeling myself, but I felt like I should apologize for not showing”… I love my friend, but honestly I would have rather her saved her email to me and just wait until you do feel yourself and call me on the phone. This is like a major moment in our life and you missed it.
Understanding my new place (and yeah perhaps being a tad dramatic, but my feelings are still hurt)… I am going to be actively taking new friend applications – and not to replace the ones I have, but I guess I am just tired of feeling like I am out here alone, because hanging out and enjoying life doesn’t have to always be complicated. Sometimes it can be something as simple as just being there to go to Starbucks and Target or stopping by to do absolutely nothing but hang out…
those days are so long ago that I guess, I should’ve realized this a long time ago.
Is it just me?
No-Show/ No-Call Hurts People… especially your closest friends

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