Nicole wrote about how she searches through blogs and then realizes that she has gotten sucked into a person’s blog because she could totally relate! When I read that I said “Thats ME!” I feel like that’s how I feel when I come across many blogs and I have listed some of my favorites and constantly search for new favorites to read..
She started a speed-dating link up so that we can get to know some new blogs and have some fun while doing so and so … naturally, I will join her!
This Little Momma

It will help you get to know me a little bit more, since at the moment I don’t have an About Me page… really my WHOLE Blog is “About Me”, but to sum it up… here we go:
1. I graduated from Baltimore School for the Arts and I studied Visual Arts. Thought I was going to remain in the Art professionally in the world of fashion or fashion illustration… that didn’t happen.
2. I graduated from Howard University, after switching my major late sophmore year from Fashion Merchandising to Administration of Justice. Yeah, I know…. HUGE leap.
3. I eventually, didn’t really know what to do next after quitting my first job right out of college, so I moved to Chicago because I felt like I never left home! I had a ball and actually moved back home after receiving my Masters Degree.
4. I prayed for God to send me a husband after having my heart broken by someone I was with all throughout college. My husband and I met while visiting a church… the same church we later got married at in 2010 – and found out there that we both attended the same home church. You can read more about that here and here. We were friends for a good 3 years prior to us dating for 2 and getting married on the 3rd anniversary of us dating.
5. I purchased my wedding dress before my husband had officially proposed. Secretly, I also booked the wedding reception venue also.. guess you can say that I was a confident one about when I wanted to get married and knew that he would fall in line. LOL.  I eventually purchased a second dress after he proposed… it went with the second ring he gave me right before we got married… we are honestly just givers and love to spoil each other.
6. I have found my place in career by working wherever the wind blows me: I guess its just my personality. The job I had before becoming a federal supervision officer was working for BET Television working as a Travel Coordinator for all of their major shows.. I know right?!
7. We recently purchased a home. More on that here, here and here, which is when I started blogging because I was so anxious during the whole process of going to settlement. Mind you we had it built from the ground up! So that was nerve wrecking in itself.
8. I am a professional musician’s wife and I love every bit of it. We are headed to see Coldplay this summer, we have seen John Mayer and Beyonce Live.. all exciting moments because I love all kinds of music.. and especially Gospel Music- been to many of Gospel Music Award Shows.
9. We agree that we want 3 children, but also agree that we will be happy with however many children we have whether that number be smaller or greater.
10. I love daschunds and have always had one in my life – that is until recently, so now I just have my sisters daschund from time to time… more on that here and I can’t convince my husband to get us a full-time one.
11. My husband and I LOVE Movies and seek out great Movie Theaters- it was never our goal but it has now become our thing to go see a movie almost every weekend. Most movies that we see – its the opening weekend for that movie.. I really think we like the excitement of being around people and shuffling through the hustle and bustle of trying to get good seats.
12. I love expensive shoes and its probably the only thing that I would save up to buy money for. Does that mean I don’t rock cheaper shoes.. absolutely not- it just means that when I have the money for them its always my go to splurge.. that and hair! lets keep it real!
13. I have been an Ordained Elder since 2009 and love spreading the Gospel, but what I love more is that God can use me just as I am. I love that all my life I have been around persons who can use their flawed lives and bring persons to Christ. So yes, just as I am.. skinny jeans, stilettos, hot pink feathered earrings, I have no problem opening the doors of the the church because before persons can know Christ, they have to seem him in you.. not the you that you fake being, but the real you..
14. Which brings me to this.. I had a tongue ring once in my life.. now I have 7 tattoos…yup.. but still a preacher, who works with some serious offenders daily. Go figure?! Its where the wind blew me.. I am definitely a go with the flow type of Virgo you know?!
Want to know more??… cause clearly, I haven’t overshared already .. ask me. Shoot me an email at hellogmsunshine@gmail.com

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