Housewarming with a Fresh Coat!

I hate to say this but I am delusionally tired this morning… Preparing for a Housewarming Party is really hard work. We are having a series of housewarmings because for one, lets be honest, all of your groups of friends and associates do not need to co-mingle. Plus we want all guests to be comfortable and not fake because they all had to come meet up at our house.. and so… a series of party’s it is. Like for example, my mom and her friends need not be around mines- no matter how old you get, you will still feel like your party has to be taken outside because you are too loud… in your own house. ūüôā
For whatever reason, on Tuesday when I came home from work, it was a nice day out so I decided… Lets do some Yard Work!¬† Mind you our yard isn’t HUGE, which honestly is exactly what we wanted, but its more then the mulched strip our neighbors have… (yeah, I am only jealous because I am tired). So superwoman I cracked open a few bags of the black mulch and made sure to cover all the places that needed mulching while avoiding skin contact with all the shrubs that I am allergic too. Yup! I am allergic to mostly everything in a yard!

It was worth it! It turned out great… and see little speed racer peaking out at you from behind the trees?
Yes, one day I will graduate from documenting everything on my iPhone.. you would be surprised at how many cameras I actually own, but none the less iPhone stays in the pocket.

So THEN, we decide… Let’s paint the Family Room and the Kitchen… this is where the power of bloggers come in.. I think someone pinned on Pinterest something about the moods based on color. And although Red is usually a color chosen for Dining Rooms, Yellow is a color for Kitchens. A person like me who needs more motivation in the kitchen, yellow will bring the sunshine mood to preparing a meal for hubby.
We chose: Valspar Cornucopia for the walls. Interestingly enough, before the yellow went on the wall the cabinets felt yellow to me. In real life, they now look like they have more of a red undertone.

The Kitchen looks out into the Family Room, so we chose a color that would compliment the Yellow, which is Valspar Boat Dock. It warmed the space up nicely…

I really love how it turned out… our house is still in disarray – as you see the TV has yet to be mounted, which will be done before the festivities begin this weekend…
but YUP my alter ego superwoman I decided to go ahead and paint the hallway … hoping that it would cure the bird problem. Stay tuned to see what color we chose for that!
Then it will be a trip to go get all the Accessories!!!!
Wouldn’t this look great in the Kitchen?!
Oh how I wish I had someone that lived near me that enjoyed the simple things like “accent pillow shopping”

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Sometimes & Always

There are times in which I come across some great blogs that have some really great link-ups that allow me to get some of my day to day thoughts out…
If you notice, Monday’s I unload my weekend musings and link up with lowercase letters, which allow me to really just catch you guys up on¬†what happened over the weekend.
…and for Friday’s I LOVE Friday’s Letters with Ashley to kind of kick off the excitement for the weekend…
In between the week you never know what you may find here, but I promise.. mostly its what I am thinking at the moment, which usually its something random and hilarious and then I will link up to Finding the Funny..
a new Favorite Blog- soon to be Bloggy Friend, Megan writes Sometimes and Always on Tuesdays.. and I decided that I would like to link up as it also gives me a chance to get my week started (what you may not know is that I work from home on Mondays, so Tuesday is my Monday).
And so, my inaugural Sometimes and Always..
Sometimes: I want to write a blog post and get it started in draft as a reminder so that I remember to complete it and link up for others to read it..
Always: I remember that I did it when its too late to link up and it has to sit and wait. (if you can’t see, that post says draft from 5/15/2012 – what day is today? umm yeah).

Sometimes: I get hoodwinked and bamboozled into going to eat lunch with my coworkers
Always: I regret where they choose.

My instagram from that day I went out with my coworkers
Sometimes: I miss the days of working in Entertainment Television because of the perks that I had.
Always: I am thankful my sister does because she gives me just enough swag so that I feel like I am not missing out anything.

The book she got after interviewing Tia Mowry; little sis said to go ahead keep it until it comes time for her to need it.
Sometimes: I have days like today where I feel like coffee is necessary.
Always: I drink coffee even if its not necessary.

Sometimes: The offenders I supervise try to talk their way out of being sanctioned for mistakes they make.
Always: I kill them with kindness and enforce every rule with all seriousness… and a smile.

Sometimes: I swear today will be the day that I kick excercising into full gear.
Always: I find something else to do with my time.

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Monday’s Musings

We had a very eventful weekend:
We went to our first Baseball Game! I have no idea why it took so long.. but hey, we are not die hard Baseball fans. I had not been to a game since I was a little girl with my dad (back when they used to let you bring your own food to the stadium). 
I am of course an Orioles Fan being from Baltimore, but not too long ago D.C. got a Major League Baseball Team and so in sheer defiance my husband decided that he would pick the Nationals to root for since we were going to the Nationals Stadium. 
I had on my Orioles Orange  Рand he wore his Nationals Baseball cap.. Mind you, I have never seen that hat until he came to pick me up from work that day.. talk about band wagon cheerleader. 
So we headed out and I ran into my sister, Joi-Marie’s Best Friend… Blog meet Emory. Yes, we each have male best friends.. if you don’t have one or never had one… you need to get one. I believe that it is very healthy to have a male perspective without sexual tension so that you can literally study the male mindset first hand and get some great advice versus guessing how a man may think… but moving on…

We enjoyed the entire experience.. eating “street meat” as people call it, which is just food from the vendors on the street..¬†

We had club level seats, which really added to the entire experience. We were seated where a lot of foul balls get hit so that was pretty fun!

All in all, I had a blast! and we have to go to another game soon.. especially since the Orioles won! That made the experience so much better. Unfortunately, the Orioles lost big time on Sunday.. so glad we went to the Friday game! 

To top it off: Saturday we went to a Live Recording for Gospel Recording Artist for Jonathan Nelson
I was so proud of my husband because he was one of the writers on this next CD project entitled, Finish Strong

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

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Friday’s Letters

I wasn’t even like 10 mins in before I had to crack open my new box of Kleenex and literally wail! I mean you would’ve thought that I was Meredith Grey!
I just can not BELIEVE the story line, but hindsight I guess I could’ve seen it coming. I don’t want to spoil it for those who have yet to see the finale and want to… but just take my word for it- grab and box and prepare yourself.
Dear Scandal, SCANDALOUS! WOW! First off, the First Lady becomes more and more surprising as a lying manipulating character. CYRUS! made my jaw drop and bye bye Billy. SMH. I will be watching and maybe even hosting a premier watch party for Season 2.

Dear Hubby, as always you are the greatest! First, this just because gift that you got me this week is the BEST thing since sliced bread! You knew your coffee-feigned wife was going to make you poor, so great investment!
Also, hubby… I am so glad that you didn’t laugh too long and hard when you came home from work and saw me sprawled all over our bare hardwood floors with tissues.. I was really in my feelings over those shows last night.. and just like me you got SUCKED right into my Thursday Night madness. I am so glad that you came home when you did so that we could scream NOOOOOOOOOO at the T.V. Together.
And by the way, I am sorry for being a meanie this morning, I was really anxious about having to go to court on a case that wasn’t mine and your slow driving and lack of knowing where you were going was really working my nerves. I was really beginning to feel like Miss Daisy. But guess the joke was on me because I got to court and it was rescheduled for next week. OOPS! (totally not my fault) hope you didn’t miss your hair cut appointment having to take me all around D.C.
P.S. It’s Date Night! I hope you have saved your money because I can’t wait! Our first baseball game! And its Nationals vs Orioles… Lets ROOT ROOT ROOT for the HomeTeam! Well, MY home team.. Go Orioles!

Dear Sizzling Express Sushi, How I love thee, let me count the ways! My Salmon Yaki Maki was so on point yesterday, that I could totally have it again today.

Dear Kobie, you darling god daughter of mines, today you discovered your first pair of sandals – shoes that go between your toes do exist. You are looking so intently at your feet studying how this could be so. No worries young lady.. this is one small step towards wedges and stilettos.. Something your mother nor I are ready for.
Dear New Blog Followers, WELCOME! I really appreciate you being here. I have gotten the chance to correspond with some and cyber friend others. I truly enjoy reading other blogs during the day. 
Dear New Readers, go ahead and comment if you like! I try to keep it light and fun around these parts. Don’t be shy.
Dear Mom, you are the funniest! Seeing you tweet about scandal right along with me was so much fun. It was even more hilarious calling you after the show went off to discuss. When hubby heard your reactions to the show he said I get my dramatic talking to the T.V. from you! Your WHAT WHAT WHAT!?! is classic! and yes, I hated to be the bearer of bad news but that was the season finale and we will have to wait until later to see who Quinn really is…

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100TH Post & Grey’s Anatomy!

This alone right here will have me with the tissues next to the bed and some snacks to curb the anxiety between commercials! Anybody else a Grey’s fan??

How about SCANDAL!?

This is my 100th Post and its completely dedicated to my favorite shows! In celebration lets all watch together at 9pm est and 10pm est and scream at the television together.. then come back and comment to tell me what was your favorite part of tonights season finale.

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