Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, here you are once again.. but this time.. a lot faster then I expected. Hey, that’s fine by me- lets have a repeat performance next week ok?
Dear Tiffany at Blabbering Thoughts, Thanks for allowing me to be a sponsor for this month! Please don’t think that I am a complete half-wit. Sometimes I panic and send quick emails and then realize I shoud’ve said more.
Dear Hubby, as usual you get a letter… and not because hey I am married to you so daily expressions of love should be the key, but nope every day you do something that either makes me laugh or makes me wonder, how did I marry such a funny guy! you are so random and yet so sweet. You get me… and even when you said hey “Quit it with the wigs- lets see natural hair or weaves only.” that’s when I KNEW that you really GET ME! Scheduling my hair appointment TODAY! HA!
Sidenote: I remember back when wearing weaves was a secret and we would spend all day trying to avoid the wind.. now its like, you pass your friend on the street and you say “girl, your extensions look great!” high five each other, flip your hair and keep it moving. Oh wait.. that’s just me?! 
Dear CineBistro in Richmond, I am going to see you soon… you are on my list. And despite the fact that you are several hours away from my house, I feel like that whole experience is worth it to this movie going girl.
Dear AMC Theaters, Tonight we have decided that Snow White and the Huntsman will be our movie of the week. But please know we are not ashamed to be excited to go see the new Pixar film, Brave either.. so we will be back.
Dear Men in Black 3, no one was sure as to why after 10 years you were coming out. I mean really.. it was random. But once we saw you I can say that you had a really good story line and the ending definitely brought it all home. I mean that ending was a GREAT way to end that story! Kudos!
Dear Mary Mary Reality Show, Great Season Finale! I can’t wait until Season 2. Consider yourself in the regular rotation of shows to watch.
Dear Readers, now that I have dedicated practically every letter to a show or a movie, please click the home page and know that I talk about so much more.. keep reading.
Dear Tummy, its Pinkberry time! Let’s get excited!!!


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One thought on “Friday’s Letters

  1. Frankie says:

    Love your letters. Snow White and the Huntsman looks good- but I just can't stand Kristen Stewart so I don't know whether I'll see it. I hope you like it though. Have a great weekend!


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