Monday’s Musings

Today’s Monday Musings are coming to you a little late because of errand running and appointments pertaining to this
The story of this 29 year old… 
starting a family on purpose is so much harder than television makes you think. Thats another blog post for another day, perhaps another month.. 
Anyways, I will fill you in later but nonetheless … here are my musings from the weekend. 
In the D.M.V. area,  we survived ten tornadoes.. no joke. 
This one was in northern VA and a few more hit some counties in Maryland. Quite frightening that all these natural disasters are hitting this area — Earthquakes and Tornadoes are not things that we are used to. So needless to say, we cancelled our usual date night. 
The storms only lasted a night because the next day was simply gorgeous.
We decided to make it a day of quality time.
We got The Roadrunner and Dark Knight detailed… I love this car wash. You pay monthly and you go as much as you want throughout the month and you leave with a car that is clean inside and out. 

Where I live there are a lot of trucks that pass through, which means there is a lot of debris that ends up in the road. I had a huge scuff on the bumper of my new baby and this nice young man got every trace out of my bumper. My LIFE saver.

Hubby and I decided that Date Night should be spent at one of our favorite spots! 
So I introduce to you Talara. Its a great Spanish themed tapas bar that also have a few full plate entrees. 

This is what they call the Ahi Ceviche that is served on a Nori Roll with Ahi Tuna and caviar and wasabi sauce. It is great!

The special of the evening was a Rockfish served over sticky rice patty with a side of plantains. 

Pair this day with seeing Snow White and the Huntsman and I was a happy lady! (although I can honestly say that as much as we see movies, Snow White was the worst one we have seen this year, perhaps in a really long time. It just seems like they ran out of ideas of how to end it once they removed everything remotely noticeable of the original story.) I guess we should’ve seen Mirror, Mirror… oh well there is always DVD.
Its officially Summer and with that, I always lighten my hair in some way with the change of the seasons. And so without further a do, here is my new look! It’s sign, sealed and hubby approved!

One last thing… Each Sunday, as we lift our offerings in prayer, we pray for surprise checks in the mail. Its something that we prayed for the last 12 years and once again (oh because it has happened before) as I was writing this post for you.. UPS rang and dropped on the door step a check for $500. I’m just saying.. PRAYER WORKS! You can try other things but I am just gonna keep sharing what I know!
Now if the stork would drop something on the door step… LOL
Ok thought that was the last thing, but here it is forreal… my husband has definitely fallen in love with this song because I kept singing around the house. I didn’t realize how bad he loves this song until every time I got in his car this weekend he had it playing… loudly. At first I thought it was the radio and then I realized that he has purchased the single and has fallen in love with this song just like every other young adult and teen female. I tease him profusely… 
He has one up on me though because I saw an alert pop up on his phone and it said it was from “Sarah Jessica Parker”.. I snapped so quickly at him and began to interrogate him as to who is Sarah and why she is texting him! because clearly in my mind he had some chick’s number saved in his phone under a pseudonym… he says “umm babe, she’s the actress and this is an email and it came from the Obama campaign because she is doing an event with him.” Talk about feeling a bit stupid. LOL Obama was about to have him sleeping on the couch .. ahahaha. Ok I am done now, so enjoy!

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One thought on “Monday’s Musings

  1. Nellie says:

    I was actually really curious to know if Snow White was any good, thank you for the review! The SJP bit with your hubby is hysterical! Glad to have found your blog, love it!


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