Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: my offenders complain that I am not encouraging enough.
Always: I think to myself “if they only knew that I am actually very encouraging” especially when it comes to my young people at church … and then say something really smart out my mouth like “well sir, cocaine use may help uplift you but I don’t see anything encouraging in being a crack-head, but keep up the good work.”
Sometimes: People think that I am very outspoken and a social butterfly and will even describe me as agressive
Always: I believe that I am actually a shy individual hiding behind that outspoken character I have created.
Sometimes: I talk about how healthy I want to be.
Always: When it comes to good food, I can not say no. See the example below from this weekend…
Sometimes: I pile up food like this.. Yes, this is my plate filled with Roast, Cabbage, Chicken Parmesean AND Eggplant Parmesean, Mac and Cheese and Greens.. there was a side of Corn Bread with Corn in it and Coconut Creme Pie that I couldn’t fit on this particular plate.
Always: I feel a smidgen of guilt and quickly get over it.
Sometimes: I get voicemails from the Doctor’s office reminding me that my appointment is at 1:15pm and that I should arrive 30 mins before the scheduled visit for paperwork.
Always: It’s just my luck that I arrive on time and I encounter random signs like this … had I known you were at lunch and I would be waiting in the hall for the next 30 mins, I would’ve just come on time or late like I usually do.
Sometimes: I can’t find a thing to watch on T.V.
Always: I scour looking for things to watch and ways to make it fun.
Sometimes: I wait until my stomach is growling super loudly saying FEED ME before I go to lunch.
Always: I regret it because I get such a large meal to curb my severe hunger.

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5 thoughts on “Sometimes and Always

  1. Megan says:

    Oh gosh, I always eat SO SO much whenever I wait too long to go to lunch!! And yeah, sometimes I am not so encouraging at work. It's hard. People can be draining. I try to see them through the eyes of the Lord, but it's still hard.


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