My Back! My Thigh! WHY LORD WHY?!

As you can guess by the title, I tried a Boot Camp fitness class yesterday.
Man, I was so hype about it .. I was thinking “THIS is exactly what I need to get back to being motivated towards the goal for my 30th Birthday”
So! I got prepared for a work out.. Under Armour on deck! Some leggings and the most comfortable pair of Nike’s I have ever owned. I was excited… can’t you tell by my face! and this is after work! LOL
Then I get in the car.. and this happens.
Dark clouds roll in and drizzle starts coming from the sky!
I yell out (real talk) “The devil is a liar!”
The one day that I am motivated to go to boot camp and it wants to start raining, knowing good and well that I just got my hair done two days ago!
So I broke out into spontaneous prayer, binding all kinds of rain storms…
Well, it must’ve worked because that dark cloud rolled out so fast. It never even rained over on the track where we were working out. The sun came back out.. we even saw double rainbows and we kept working out for an hour and half…
THIS is how I feel today at work!

My back hurts, my thighs hurt… I can’t walk up and down the steps and I felt like the toilet was so low this morning, I cried because I didn’t think I was going to make it without busting my tail!
I should’ve known I was going to be in pain since the last fitness class I was in was two years ago right before my Wedding..
It hurts so good!
I think by the time I get off today, I will be ready to take it easy and walk a few miles.. lets hope the rain clouds come hold back.

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