Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, here we are once again.. this time not by surprise but definitely a welcomed experience. Please don’t continue to drag on like usual. It’s kind of really not a good look.
Dear Hubby, I really want to go see Madagascar 3. I mean we have seen the first two.. may as well right?
Dear Blog Readers, Followers and Subscribers.. as you know each week we go see a movie. However, I never really critique them thinking that some of you would like to go without my influenced opinion, but I am thinking about doing a few movie reviews, especially once we really get into the summer releases.. let me know if you would like to read about it… although I may just write it anyways because afterall, isn’t every blog JUST for the writer? well, I welcome your comments and emails on that one.
Dear Body, what is up? I am really beginning to believe that borderline anemia wants to become full blown because this fatigue all the time is truly not fun. Also, neither is having my heater on in the office during the summer. Get yourself together, in Jesus Name!
Dear Arm, gear up buddy! you have more blood work that needs to be drawn… just be prepared.
Dear Back and Thighs, WHY DO YOU STILL HURT!?
Dear Nike Fuel Band, you are on my list of things to get this week. I must try you out because I have heard such great things.. even from my girl Serena Williams.
Dear District Courthouse, the next time you want to have a bomb threat can you tell the people INSIDE the building at least?! After court this morning, I finally get to my email and I see that you told everyone else you were going to evacuate and told my office and they were so worried.. and yet, we INSIDE the building were clueless. Man, how would you have explained that to my family!?
and just because it’s not a blog post without pictures…
Dear random Van I saw at the Gas Station, I believe you are some type of team transport but I can only guess… however, your inspirational quote blessed me. I can be really hard on myself at times especially about the things that I thought would come so easy and yet, those are the very things that I have had to work my butt off the hardest for… thank you for that reminder!
Dear Roadrunner, Thank you once again for filling up on $28! your mommy thanks you! my wallet thanks you!

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