Friday’s Letters

Before I get to my Letters, I have to tell you that I am a lover of good food.. so I can’t let this week pass by without telling you about one of my favorite places – So hubby surprised me with texting me that if he gets a nap in that he would take me to my favorite spot…

When you go, just know that you can not order anything smaller then a half pitcher… first of all its worth the value and if you want to its a good size to share or if you already anticipate the desire for at least two drinks, go with this option.
This right here is a Sangrita… but you can get non-alcoholic versions of any and everything!
This frozen delictable was worth the wait…
This particular night, we were seated on the rooftop, which over looks an area that is near a lot of Embassy houses and down the street from a popular area called “Adams Morgan”
I had my favorite guy, in my favorite place, drinking my favorite size summer-soothing drinks… anxious to eat some of my favorite food!
I started off with some Ceviche and ended with some “Masitas de Puerco” … marinated roasted pork that is cooked with a orange bitters reduction sauce, seasoned to the ultimate perfection and pulls right apart.
Now, I am not a huge pork consumate but I can say that this roasted pork does it to me every time!
Have you ever had food that has made you quicken because it tastes so good?! Everything at Lauriol Plaza does that to you!
So if you happen to be in the D.C. area and want to go to Lauriol Plaza, let me know! We can totally do a meet-up there…
And now, my Friday’s Letters..
Dear Nashville, we are now 5 days away from seeing each other for almost 3 weeks and I have not yet packed one bag. I have waited for this conference/trip for almost 4 years and I am no where near ready. I wish I had a stylist that would come over and get me ready for this trip but I am not that grand… yet.
Dear Hubby, few things… we kinda need to do better with pulling away from our cell phones when we go out to dinner. I feel like we have become the digital versions of those old couples that bring newspapers to read to brunch. I don’t want to be one of those couples that run out of stuff to talk about to each other. YES, YES! I know… from our first date where we had a phone and sidekick we have been on our phones at the dinner table, even when we were texting each other while sitting there… it was cute then… not so much now. What was funnier was looking up and seeing another young couple leaving the restaurant both with cell phones in hand… ok so I accept its a generational thing.. Let’s roll with it until it really becomes an issue because laughing together at what just posted to the TMZ app is kinda hilarious.
Dear Washington D.C. in the Summertime, I straight love you! never thought that I would say that… but driving down the U street corridor provided such an energy that is almost unmatched. The various things that you offer to do for free! I mean, it can’t get no better… thanks for being such a quick getaway when needed.
Dear Kevin Hart, WE ARE COMING TO SEE YOU LIVE! OMG I was SO happy when my little sis was able to make me aware of the pre-sale code. I have always wanted to see this funny man live and now I get the chance to! I am so super hype about this one! Almost as much as hubby is excited about me taking him to see Coldplay next month.
Dear Judgement Free Zone, thank you for existing because I certainly had myself a Happy Meal for breakfast the other day. In my defense, it was my late day at work so they had just stopped serving real breakfast… I had to run to the doctor’s that morning and give about 3 tubes of blood and take a pill that was guarenteed to make me sick… so this was certainly the best treat of the morning.
Dear Body, you surprise me with each test result… we are going to get you together though. I am going to keep pushing until I know what’s wrong with you.
Dear Mom, I know.. relaxing is the key.. I am trying. Maybe acupuncture will work because massages make me even more tense. Who knows why?! only me. I know.
Dear Miami Heat, Thank you for winning last night.. it guarentees that my husband will be in a great mood all weekend… so thanks for that.
His “Why are you asking such a stupid question face” tickled me so much!
Dear Daddy, we know that y’all just moved out of the Nashville house… so your kids have something up their sleeve for Father’s Day.. just you wait and see!
Isn’t he a handsome tall man?
Dear Papi , we know that you just went to be with the Lord only 5 months ago… but we still remember you on this Father’s Day. Love you… I know that you are sending your special prayers down to us as you did when you were here.
 Dear Blog Readers, so if you read this whole thing.. I want to commend you for sticking with me.. and apologize for it being so long.. thank you for being here to share in my thoughts as I spew them outloud… Also, as you can see I am going to be away for quite some time and unsure as to when I will have time to post anything.. so if I have any one who would be willing to guest post here please let me know!  Email me at

Dear Ashley, this ones for you! Great link-up!


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5 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  1. Michelle says:

    I hear you about the phone thing, I put ours on silent and in my bag and forget about them when we're out at dinner. Maybe you could try that? There is nothing worse than checking your phone when you could be having a real conversation with a real person! Have enjoyed reading your friday letters, look forward to next weeks 🙂


  2. English Anderson says:

    Oh, the phone thing totally caused a few fights in our marriage. When we moved to Germany, we went out of our way to find the most basic, technologically incapable prepaid phones EVER so we wouldn't run into that problem anymore. Best decision for us! Please enjoy Nashville, it's been forever since I've been back to that wonderful city, and I miss it dearly.

    Here via Friday's Letters on Adventures of Newlyweds! Love being your newest follower 🙂


  3. Jasmine says:

    Hi English, I am going to try to work hard at that.. we are such techie's… so as much as I fuss at him, I could also fuss at myself for the same bad habit… Thanks for being a new follower.


  4. coffeewithwhitney says:

    this cracks me up how he says “if I get a nap, I'll take you to your fav place for dinner” ha! the deals never end! just wait until you have kids; there's MORE! “if you change this diaper, I will let you sleep in next Saturday” hahaha. cute.


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