Monday’s Musings

Can I just say that this was an exhausting weekend?! Like, I really feel like I can not get enough sleep! and yet, it was just what we needed! 
I have to pack for this trip.. doing laundry and still feel like I don’t have enough for this trip.
Speaking of which, don’t forget, if there are any readers who may want to guest post send me a quick email to
I need to get a few to post while I am away and its a way to introduce your blog to my readers and keep me company on my trip. 
This weekend’s movie was “That’s My Boy”.. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to see that or Prometheus but I did know that I wanted to laugh and so “That’s My Boy” it was. I asked my sister what the critics were giving it, which was a first and she said that they were doing a write up that said “Why did they even make this movie?” but I did know that I liked most Adam Sandler movies and Andy Samberg would definitely being a comedy element.. so sure why not.
So glad we did… we were laughing so hard! If you like “Hall Pass” but with a little more edgier randomness in the plot then you will like “That’s My Boy”
Well, it is true… hubby and I took a last minute trip to NYC!

We arrived in New York around 10:30pm and headed to Long Island to celebrate my Brother-in-Law’s 50th Birthday. As exhausted as I was from the drive and perplexed as to why a dinner party would start so late… seeing his face surprised was indeed priceless. 
And nope.. we didn’t stay in New York overnight, we got back right back on the road and hubby drove 5 hours, while being dead dog tired so that we could make it back for church the next day. 
Hubby had to do double duty – Minister of Music at church and playing keys with a special guest during Praise in the Park for another church.. needless to say, for a man who got in at 6am and had to be at church at 8am, you would’ve never been able to tell how exhausted my hard working man was. 
Our in-laws stayed with us this weekend and it was much needed. We missed them. 
It really helped my husband be able to handle this really tough Father’s Day – the first one without his father, with his sister being here.

There were so many funny moments this weekend – one that tickled me so great was that when I arrived, my husband’s bandmates wished him a Happy Father’s Day… Hubby cut me the craziest look and I just bust out laughing and said “What?! I didn’t say anything” … they just laughed and said “that would’ve been a crazy way to find out though, right?” 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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