Fun with Chef Hubs-R-Dee

So before I left work yesterday, Hubs sent me a text saying he was going to the grocery store to get what is going to be for dinner. Consider me ecstatic! Its been a few instances where we actually cook in the kitchen together, but last night the hubs felt inspired.
That’s my “I’m so happy you feel like cooking” face up there.
I guess I need to get him some BBQ favorites because thats about the only time he will really hop to it- anything that involves the grill and he is there!
Being the blogger that I am… I whip out the iPhone and say “Oh I need to capture this!”
It’s proof that the hubs DOES cook for me!
This is him giving me the “I can not believe that you are really going to take a picture of me seasoning meat” face…
I said “What?!” with that cute little wife smile of mines and thankfully he really got into it..
So, he finished the marinade and said “Capture this.. I am an Artist”
After I picked myself off the floor from crying laughing at him… I snapped the picture.
It was a perfect night to watch the NBA Finals…
Here in this house, we are Team Heat!
Hubs lived in Florida for a good while and my Daddy is from there so it works for me!
So what they lost… that’s why its a series.. however, I am not mad because Kevin Durant is from our hometown.
So.. of course we needed a great NBA Finals Watching Meal: Dry Rub Ribs prepared by Chef Hubs-R-Dee and Fried Plantains (his Haitian side rubs off on me at times), Cold Pasta (u know the kind with Italian Dressing) and some Deviled Eggs… just like a mini BBQ!
Just because she is so gosh darn cute and for good measure.. Here is my God-child wearing a Birthday Present for her Godparents (us of course).. and snacking watching her favorite shows.. she is getting so big.
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Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I get up early to try to make it to work on time.
Always: I make it to work 30 minutes late.
Sometimes: I wear make up and do my hair to go to work just because I feel up to it that day.
Always: I wish like I felt up to it everyday.
Sometimes: I wish I could go back and enjoy my college days all over again.
Always: It feels better to be done with school.
Sometimes: I sit back and think about all of the accomplishments and goals I have achieved in such a short time.
Always: I understand how much I am blessed and I am thankful.
Sometimes: I struggle with opening up and trying to make new friends.
Always: I am grateful for the ones that I have opened up to and who honestly get me.
Sometimes: I sit on the couch with hubby and watch mind numbing shows like Toddlers and Tiara and the Bachelorette, just because.
Always: I say I am going to work out instead and that fails.
Sometimes:  There is not a picture that goes with a blog post.
Always: I will throw a random one in there for a good measure.
Happy Tuesday!

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Monday’s Musings: Foodie Photo Bomb Edition

This is my husband thinking that he has “swag” because the Miami Heat won… isn’t he cute tho?
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The sun was shining and it was a perfect weekend for good food and good company… 
This weekend was a great one… filled with good food and good fun! Newlyweds (or even those who are in long term relationships) please remember, even if you have to schedule it, make sure that you have a date night. If Friday is Date Night, whether you go out and do something or stay inside, make sure you do something that will build your relationship. If one of you have to work on Date Night, it doesn’t mean that it’s cancelled.. just means that its postponed.
Said all that to say, our Date Night was postponed until today because my parents made an impromptu visit home, which meant that I became chauffeur and I really wanted to spend time with my mom and dad. Also, hubby had to work so it worked out for the both of us.. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that before I left work on Friday, I grabbed a Whiting Box from Cameron’s Seafood Market. Now, being from Baltimore, we usually only eat Lake Trout, however, the next best fish to me besides that is Whiting. Cameron’s was on point! But they have so much more healthier choices that I am going to have to try next time — like their crab stuffed Salmon. 
We started off the weekend grabbing dinner from East Moon Asian Bistro in Bowie, MD. I am a lover of Sushi and this place offers such fresh, hand rolled variety… I consider it to be amazing. 
This time I tried something that was rolled in Pink Soy Paper! TASTY! Oddly pink colored Sushi but definitely worth another go. 
Of course when my mother comes in town, she always wants to go over the bay bridge.. and so we travelled towards Annapolis over to Kent Island to do a little light outlet shopping and enjoy such a beautiful day. There is a restaurant just across the bridge that offers great seafood and steam crabs while you sit on the dock looking out onto the water… trust, that is only my list to go really soon!
Sunday rolls around and this Sunday I had to sing on the choir : Just an shameless excuse to show you just a part of my shoe collection. But one thing that you need to know about me is that I LOVE shoes and will always spend money on a good shoe!

I was so happy to be singing on Sunday because I had the chance to sing in a worship service where one of my favorite singers was in attendance. Ledisi happened to be at our church promoting her latest book and even sang for us just a taste. She can certainly sing her butt off… 
Sunday afternoon activity was an Ice Cream Social– this is just one of the TWO bowls of Ice Cream that I had. (hangs head down in shame) But it was SO good. Yes, you got me… there is a brownie hiding underneath that Ice Cream. 

Today’s Day Date: Brunch with my hubby and it wouldn’t be a weekend of course without a movie!
If you are EVER in the Annapolis, Maryland Area or in Downtown Baltimore, you MUST try Miss Shirley’s Cafe for Breakfast or Lunch. 

 They have the best Fried Green Tomatoes that I have ever had. I could take that trip just for that appetizer alone. 
I decided to be adventurous with my entree selection today and went with what they call “Big Easy Benedict“- It’s a poached egg with Hollandaise Sauce with Greens and Tasso Ham sitting on top of a Grit Cake and has fried shrimp served in the center there. Oh MY! – lets just say, I have found my new favorite dish there. 

We let our stomachs digest ALL of this food by going to see Madagascar 3, which was a cute movie, but the highlight was this preview for Despicable Me 2.
And just in time for some Music Monday- here is the video for the snippet of song that Ledisi sang at church… 
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend… I sure did!

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Things My Mother Says #2

I swear my Mother says the same things… its like she has a one track mind..
I text her about making flight arrangements for a trip that is coming up that I am so excited about to Nashville, TN … I really can’t wait to share the details of this trip!
and she texts back ..
” No Prob. Just figure out how you are going to get your stuff out. Thanks, luv ya!”
I text back …”We get the picture”
[thanks mom]
I mean really, is it me or do you sense the urgency of this woman and her desire for us to move out completely?
Don’t you always leave things at your childhood home? or is it just me?

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Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, here we are once again.. this time not by surprise but definitely a welcomed experience. Please don’t continue to drag on like usual. It’s kind of really not a good look.
Dear Hubby, I really want to go see Madagascar 3. I mean we have seen the first two.. may as well right?
Dear Blog Readers, Followers and Subscribers.. as you know each week we go see a movie. However, I never really critique them thinking that some of you would like to go without my influenced opinion, but I am thinking about doing a few movie reviews, especially once we really get into the summer releases.. let me know if you would like to read about it… although I may just write it anyways because afterall, isn’t every blog JUST for the writer? well, I welcome your comments and emails on that one.
Dear Body, what is up? I am really beginning to believe that borderline anemia wants to become full blown because this fatigue all the time is truly not fun. Also, neither is having my heater on in the office during the summer. Get yourself together, in Jesus Name!
Dear Arm, gear up buddy! you have more blood work that needs to be drawn… just be prepared.
Dear Back and Thighs, WHY DO YOU STILL HURT!?
Dear Nike Fuel Band, you are on my list of things to get this week. I must try you out because I have heard such great things.. even from my girl Serena Williams.
Dear District Courthouse, the next time you want to have a bomb threat can you tell the people INSIDE the building at least?! After court this morning, I finally get to my email and I see that you told everyone else you were going to evacuate and told my office and they were so worried.. and yet, we INSIDE the building were clueless. Man, how would you have explained that to my family!?
and just because it’s not a blog post without pictures…
Dear random Van I saw at the Gas Station, I believe you are some type of team transport but I can only guess… however, your inspirational quote blessed me. I can be really hard on myself at times especially about the things that I thought would come so easy and yet, those are the very things that I have had to work my butt off the hardest for… thank you for that reminder!
Dear Roadrunner, Thank you once again for filling up on $28! your mommy thanks you! my wallet thanks you!

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