Guest Edition of Monday Musings

Hey Everyone! I know its been a long time coming but I thank you for still reading while I have been traveling these last few weeks…  I am still playing catch up at work and got a lot to share but until I get the chance to, I asked a few readers to share some things in my absence… 

Welcome Whitney!!!!!

Coffee with Whitney is pretty simple – it’s my “yellow light” – a chance to slow down and write about life’s happenings. Being a full time wife and mom is fun, but it’s also a lot of work. I find that statement quite comical due to the fact I used to laugh at the SAHM that used to tell me the very statement I JUST typed…

I enjoy writing about my family – about Jesus – projects I’m working on (AKA attempting) – I enjoy hilarious videos and posting random stuff that makes me laugh.Blogging is just my “me time” really. The chance I get to sit down with my cup of coffee and WRITE (plus post pictures because…well, I just enjoy them!)I’ve been married to this amazing man for over 3 years now:

and together we had this beautiful daughter, Melody Truth – who is just right under the 11 month mark:

and then there’s me:

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a look at my little family – I’m super thankful to Hello Goodmorning Sunshine for allowing me to hop on her blog and say hi while she’s enjoying vacation!!!

I’ll be back tomorrow guys.. right now I am on recovery mode. And since I was away so long I figured I would treat my husband to a concert – so we are off to see Coldplay Live! He is so excited that he is watching every Coldplay video on TV and singing loudly at the TV to prepare. LOL. 
Catch you guys later.. have you enjoyed the sunshine while I was gone?! I know we are having a bit too much of it here on the East Coast.

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