Sometimes & Always

This Sometimes & Always will be a recap of sorts…

Sometimes: The best times had are those that are unplanned.
Always: It ends up being one of those nights you won’t ever forget…
I had planned to surprise Hubby with tickets to see Coldplay and he suggested that we stop at Matchbox Restaurant before we go… while there we ran into a group of our closest friends.. it was almost as if it were planned but it was not.
Sometimes: They hand out free things at the door that you think will be cheesy.
Always: It ends up being the coolest thing you have ever seen!

Sometimes: When you buy your tickets online you wonder if there good seats after all.
Always: Seats matter none in the Verizon Center.. Every seat is a good seat!

Sometimes: Concerts are about the music.
Always: Its ten times better when the artist take into consideration the total experience of the concert goer. These lighted bracelets made my NIGHT!

Sometimes: The seats in the Verizon Center are too close together.
Always: Its so much better to just dance the concert away anways!

Sometimes: I go to concerts just because my husband loves the artist.
Always: Its always a great experience because he is there!

and lastly, a few that are off the topic, but a recap of yesterday…
Sometimes: You take every test there is in the world to figure out why you can’t conceive
Always: We breathe easily when you hear there is nothing actually wrong with either one of you..
Sometimes: Pregnancies are accidents or planned
Always: Children are considered gifts from God.
Sometimes: I hint about us planning to get pregnant soon.
Always: When that time comes, you’ll know…

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